Friday 10 May 2013

Make your own Nail Wheel.

Make your own Nail Wheel.

Hello again :). Just thought I'd share with you, what I have just made, and the items I used. So if you want to have a go, you can make one yourself. Nail wheels for swatching nail polish are so expensive in the UK, well to me anyway, and although I ordered two fan type ones at a special one off price, I knew I would soon use them all and need more. So even though the initial cost was around £5, I can make enough nail wheels to swatch my entire nail polish collection! So its cheaper in the longer term.

Fan swatch wheel, with 50 nails.

First thing I looked for was really cheap clear acrylic nail tips. Found some on ebay, 500 for £1.89, and free P&P. An English seller, ordered them Tuesday, got them Wednesday!! Today at the shops, I bought some double sided sticky tape, super glue with a brush applicator, cocktail sticks and white card. I started by sticking each nail to a cocktail stick, using the super glue. The brush applicator makes it so much easier, less likely to end up sticking something to your fingers lol. Left them to dry, and cut two strips of card the same length. covered one piece with double sided sticky tape, and then one by one stuck the cocktail stick to it, just leaving the acrylic tip over lapping. Put double sided tape on the other piece of card, then stuck the two together,making sure it was stuck everywhere. Not so much a wheel lol but still glad it worked. Took about an hour in all to make. So when I have more spare time, I'll make more :) Hope you all enjoy this. Let me know what you think....

Clear acrylic tips.

Acrylic tips glued to cocktail sticks.

Finished :)


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