Wednesday 8 May 2013

Outdoor Girl Nail Polish

Outdoor Girl Nail Polish

By now if you've read my posts, you might think I live in Poundland lol. The truth is that I have over 500 bottles of nail polish, and if I'd thought about, should have started this blog ages ago. So as you can guess I haven't used all the polish as yet, and having to sort them out so I can share them with you. I will take a photo of my whole collection, and how I store them, very soon. I love a bargain, and on a budget, so nail polishes that only cost £1 are right up my street :) I wanted a set of pastel nail polish, I prefer to get them as a set if I can. On a shopping trip with my daughter, wasn't expecting Poundland to have anything new, but to my surprise they had a complete set of pastel nail polish by Outdoor Girl. I could have jumped for joy lol, but didn't want to embarrass my daughter! 12ml plastic bottles (that are the same shape as nail art pens). 6 colours in total, and I got them all.

Simple names, but beautiful pastel colours. The other Outdoor girl they had where wicked and shimmery, but only 3 shades. I love anything that sparkles :)

Now as I've said before my fave colours are blue and pink, so these had to get these two, even though I think it looks pink, the colour on the bottle says purple! Not normally a green kind of girl, but it's so shimmery I couldn't leave it all alone in the shop.

Pretty pastel tones, would make a nice Easter nail art :)


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