Saturday 31 October 2015

Halloween Stamping

Nails for 2 challenges 

Hello beautiful readers,  so sorry I haven't posted in a few days, things just got a bit hetic here with school holidays. So at last the weekend! With 2 different challenges for Halloween nails due today, it made sense to just the one mani.
So for #clairestelle8oct and 30 Days of Colour Challenge, here are my halloween nails. 
Started with a white base and made a purple to silver gradient, then sponged Born Pretty Silver holo over the gradient. 

Then with a selection of different stamping plates,  Moyou Nails 123, BM 13, Hehe 57, XLR 11 and Pretty Black Polish I created my Halloween Nails.

I love scene nails, and can't wait to create some for Christmas!
Have a great evening, whatever you're doing, and remember to stay safe.
Much love....

Wednesday 28 October 2015

Charlies Nail Art Review

Hello Kitty Witch Decals 

Hey guys, I have my regular review for Charlies Nail Art a bit earlier as with Halloween on Saturday and I have some super cute Hello Kitty Witch Decals to show you. These come in a pack of 25 decals for 89p. 

As soon as I saw these I knew exactly what I wanted to do. So I made a blue to purple gradient and added some Halloween details.  A perfect base for these decals.

I applied each decal with a small amount of clear polish, and these decals showed up nicely with the darker base. They finished the mani perfectly. Super cute for Halloween and would also look great on shorter nails.

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Stay safe and much love

Monday 26 October 2015

Moyou Nails Review

Polish and Plate 

Just 3 more reviews left for Moyou Nails, and I can't believe how quick I have got through them. Today I have a Christmassy style plate and the polish is most definitely perfect for Christmas too.

Green is not normally a colour I'd choose to paint my nails as some shades clash with my skin tone. But this one is super pretty. Swatched here with 2 coats and no topcoat. A perfect shade of green.

Plate 96 has some very pretty full nail images. A good mix of designs, Christmas jumper, hearts and 2 different styles of numbers.

I wanted to try all these images on my newly shaped and filed nails, so painted 2 mails red and 2 white. The jumper and hearts I stamped over the red polish, the numbers over the white. Shown here before topcoat.

The polish stamped perfectly over the white, and is clearly visible over the red. But once I applied topcoat, it really brought the colours together..

I will admit I really wasn't expecting to like the red and green, but wow was I wrong. Love everything about the polish and plate this week.
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I'm looking forward to starting Christmas mani's and will so he using these 2 items. To see the other polishes and plates visit Moyou Nails or follow them on FacebookInstagramTwitter and Google+.
Stay safe and much love....

Saturday 24 October 2015

Saturday's Mani

Stamping and Water Decals 

Hello all, hope I find you well this Saturday. Have you anything planned this weekend?  Me..a nice quiet one for a change and I'm patiently waiting for the Austin Formula 1, hoping it's not cancelled by Hurricane Patricia. Saying this to any American followers..Stay safe.
So onto today's nails. I had no clue what to do and was looking at my photos on IG for inspiration. A while back I did a pink gradient, stamped with writing and rose water decals. I liked this so much and also wanted to do something other than a Halloween mani, I recreated it in purple.

So started with a purple and white gradient, and used Pueen 113 and Pretty Black Polish to stamp the writing. You can also the the flower decals I will be using.

I applied the decals to the tip of each nail and top coated.

Super pretty and just how I wanted my manicure to look, even if it's not seasonal.
Have a great weekend and as always stay safe and much love....

Friday 23 October 2015

Charlies Nail Art Review

3D Sparkly Pumpkins 

As we're getting closer to Halloween these decals from Charlies Nail Art are just perfect. For just £1.00 you get 10 sparkly 3D Pumpkins that are the perfect size for long or shorter nails.

I wanted to do a background that would suit these pumkins, so I braved my first ever try at a splatter mani with orange and black polish. I liked the bumpy effect, so didn't topcoat and applied each decal with a small blob of clear polish.

Love the finished look, perfect for Halloween. Please use my 10 % discount code BNM10 at the checkout if you like these, or anything you like from Charlies Nail Art, you can find them over on FacebookInstagramTwitter and Google+.

Till next time, stay safe and much love....

Wednesday 21 October 2015

30 Days of Colour Challenge

Breast Cancer Awareness 

Hello all, for my Breast Cancer Awareness nails I was going to do a stamped mani, but then I remembered I had some polishes from Beauty UK that were made especially for this cause. Each of the 3 polishes are a different shade of pink and each with a special name, Strength,  Love and Hope. 

As I haven't done a water marble for a while, that's what I did using these polishes,  over a white base.

For me this is so delicate and perfect for Breast Cancer Awareness,  I hope you like them too.
Stay safe and much love...

Tuesday 20 October 2015

Lady Queen Review

Halloween Stamping 

Hello all hope your week is going well so far. I have done more halloween nails this year than previous years, and loving every one. So today's review is an awesome stamping plate Hehe 57 from Lady Queen.

I love all the designs on this plate and though it would make an awesome silhouette mani. The images are etched really well and stamped perfectly over my orange and yellow gradient.

To make this mani extra special look at it under black light..

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Thank you for reading and till next time stay safe and much love...

Monday 19 October 2015

Moyou Nails Review

Polish and Plate 

For my 6th Moyou Nails review I have a very Summery polish and plate. I did say I'm trying to hold on to Summer for as long as possible lol. The polish is a gorgeous light blue, that reminds me of clear blue summer skies.

Just how beautiful is this! Swatched with just 1 coat and no topcoat. Perfectly opaque and stunning polish.

Plate number 125 had a great mix of images, all nicely etched.

And as you can see this plate and polish stamp so nicely, how cute are those elephants.

For my mani, I stamped the butterflies over white polish. There is something special about a white and blue manicure.

So far from all the polishes and plates I have reviewed I haven't had any problems with the picking up the images, and the polishes are gorgeous for both stamping and painting. I have a 20 % discount code to share with you all. Just enter traceysp at the checkout.

And as always you can find Moyou Nails on FacebookInstagramTwitter and Google+.
Stay safe and much love....