Thursday 9 May 2013

My nail polish collection :)

My nail polish collection :)

Now I haven't counted how many I have, did try once but lost count lol. I didn't start out to get this many bottles of polish, and when I view them (as you'll see in the photo I've taken) I'm shocked myself at the amount I have! When I first started buying, I stored them in a three drawer plastic storage unit, it was my youngest daughters for her toys, but my collection grew so quickly, I gave it back to her :) and bought some pretty pink trays from my local pound shop, and took over the dining room table, as we only use it at Christmas time. Ended up buying more trays as well lol. At first I stored them in brand names, but was a pain to find a colour I wanted to use. So the other weekend, I got my youngest daughter, (she's 8, and I have four children) as she was moaning she was bored, to help me arrange them into colours. Took us over 2 hours!! I've kept my Glow in the dark, Holographic, Magnetic and Glitter together, but all the others are in colour order. Now this was a pain at first too lol, as before I knew where the brands names were stored in the trays, so when I did my first manicure after changing them all around, it felt strange. Its taken  me a while to get used to the change. Hope you like it :)

At least 500 bottles!

Greens, reds, blues, browns, black/white/grey, pinks,magnetic and glitter, oranges, holographic and glow in the dark, purples, yellows.
As you can see I have no more room for anymore!  But never say never lol.........



  1. Oh my god that's some rainbow. That's amazing. Will definitely be follow you. Thank you.


    1. Thank you :) on a no buy atm, but still find myself looking! Will follow you too :)