Wednesday 31 October 2018

Happy Halloween

Halloween Round-up 

Happy Halloween to you all! Where we live is always quite, sadly no 'trick or treaters, my daughter is going out for a pizza with her friends and the Halloween party is on Friday as it's a school night!
For my post today, I'm doing a round-up of all my Halloween mani's this year, starting way back in August. So as you can imagine I have a fair few photos...
My looks ranging from water decals, nail charms, stamping and freehand with a few glow in the dark shots too.

Of course the kitty photo is one of my favourites.
But my overall favourite from the 39 Halloween mani's I've done was one of the first with the silver skull charm.
So that's it for another year, do you have a favourite from all these?
Stay safe and much love....

Tuesday 30 October 2018

Topcoat Stamping Test

Topcoats best for Stamping 

Hey all, back to school again, the clocks went back over the weekend here in the UK, so winter is definitely on it's way! Plus it's so much colder :(
A bit of a different post today, but one I've been wanting to do for a while but just never had the time.
I wanted to test some different shop bought top coats for ladies on a budget, that can be used to seal a stamped design mani.
You can watch my video to see, but here are the topcoats I used and how they worked over black and white stamping. 
 Admittedly this post is for UK ladies, but if any of my international friends can find them that's great! I prepared nail tip with black and white polish, then stamped also with black and white from Born Pretty Store, not to single out a particular brand of stamping polish, but I do have trouble with these. I floated each top Coat over the stamped image, so let's check out my results...
Mint London, on first look no problems with the white stamping, but slightly smeared the black.
Essence Quick Dry was a total fail, as it smudged both black and white.
Miss Sporty Disco Tech, again a flop with both colours.
Sally Hansen Super Shine, a very runny consistencey but no smearing or smudging :)
Primark Holler and Glow, the cheapest from the lot at only £2! Much thicker consistency and worked perfectly!
Lastly Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat, made especially for the miracle gel colours, but I just wanted to see if it would work, and dry and it did absolutely perfectly.
My finding leave to to believe that a thick consistency gel effect top coat would work well to not smear or smudge a stamped mani, as there is nothing more annoying. If you can get your nails on the Primark Holler and Glow in Seal the Deal, I'd recommend it.
Hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful.
Stay safe and much love.....

Friday 26 October 2018

Charlies Nail Art

Bat Decals

Wow, this week has again flown past, and I'm here with my last Halloween review for Charlies Nail Art. Can you believe I've been doing Halloween reviews since the end of August! Scary isn't it!
These cute Bat Decals are black on one side and bronze on the other, you get 25 decals that measure 8mm x 4mm for 75p, and they are reliable enough to bend so they fit snuggly to your nails.
I used my Green UV neon Paint Glow polish as my base and added some black freehand detail with Gouache Paint. Slightly bent the bats and applied to my nails with top coat. The detail is amazing, with the bats tiny eyes cut out.

Possibly my last glow in the dark shot for this year.
Charlies Nail Art  are back from their annual leave, so any order you make using my discount code below should reach you quickly.
FacebookInstagram and Twitter are the best places to find and keep up to date with Charlies Nail Art.
Stay safe and much love.....

Wednesday 24 October 2018

Beauty Big Bang

Skulls and Roses

I'm so glad we're almost at the end of October! I don't think I did nearly as many Halloween mani's last year as I have this year...
And continuing with this theme, I'm here with 4 looks created with this rectangle stamping plate full of full nail skull and rose images, from Beauty Big Bang.
Making reverse stamped decals for my first look, with one of my favourite images on this plate.
For a more simplistic look, this monochrome mani is perfect.
Again some simple stamping, but more colourful.
Lastly, another colourful mani, but this time with a glow in the dark base.

Certainly a fab plate to have, especially if like me you love skulls and roses.
My discount code TRAB10 can be used over on the Beauty Big Bang website. The item number of this plate is SKU BBBXL-018. I also I used black, white, yellow, pink and green polishes also from Beauty Big Bang, you can see all their stamping polishes here.  If my discount code is used more than 6 times then Beauty Big Bang will kindly host a giveaway with me over on IG. You can pay by PayPal and credit card with free worldwide delivery and keep up to date with them on FacebookInstagram and
Staysafe and much love....

Tuesday 23 October 2018

Born Pretty Store

Clear Jelly Stamper

So how it going? It's become so cold here now, and I don't like it! This weather makes me want to stay in bed all day lol.
Since clear stampers came about, I have a fair few, but a girl can never have enough! I have another to review for Born Pretty Store
This Clear stamper and scraper set is perfect for layered stamping. 
To show how well this stamper worked with no priming, check out my video.
Such a great item, perfect for normal stamping, and works great on those layered images, and the fact it needed no priming is just fantastic. 

BABX31 is my 10% discount code that can be used over on the Born Pretty Store website.
And keep up-to-date with all their new items, special offers and giveaways over on Facebook
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Stay safe and much love.....

Monday 22 October 2018

Paint Glow Polishes

Glow in the dark 

So with Halloween fast approaching, I was looking for some glow in the dark polishes, not UV neon. I sold some items to give me the pennies to treat myself and found a set of Glow in the dark polishes on eBay. 
When I got them, it wasn't till a few hours later I realised though the listing said Glow in the dark set, they wasn't!
Only 3 from the 8 were actually GILD, the rest were UV neon. A bit disappointed and I left a neural feedback, but still very pretty colours.
Super pretty swatched with 2 coats, and a gorgeous glow under black light.
For my mani I made 2 different sets of reverse stamped decals, check out my video to see which plates and live glowiness.

The neon shade just pop over a white base with a black surrounding, and the scream masks and ghosts are so colourful.

Again an awesome glow under black light, but as for GILD, sadly I couldn't see it!

Maybe I never charged the polish under enough light for it to glow in the dark. But I will try again.
Have you got any Paint Glow polishes?
Stay safe and much love.....

Friday 19 October 2018

Charlies Nail Art

Halloween Water Decals 

Friday at last! And yay for half term next week. I can't believe how quickly this next school holiday has come around. Before we know it, it will be the next holiday season beginning with C!
Still continuing with my Halloween reviews for Charlies Nail Art, with one last one for next week, I have these singular water decals called Scary Factory. I made a video tutorial on these decals and stupidly forgot to take a photo of them, but here's a pic from the Charlies Nail Art website. 
I made a grey to grey gradient and applied the decals. I won't waffle on explaining as you can see my mani from start to finish in my video.

This next photo was a bit of fun with our 6 week old kitten, that face is so sassy lol!

As always my discount code is available for you all to use over on Charlies Nail Art
website, and you can find and follow them over on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.
Stay safe and much love....