Saturday 29 June 2013

Nail Nation Crackle Polish

Crackle Nail Polish

Back again! I forgot all about the crackle nail polish I bought this morning while on a shopping trip to Romford for my daughter to spend her birthday money, although her birthday isn't till tomorrow :) Went into the 99p Store and saw this Crackle Polish by Nail Nation. Three bottles in the box, bargain I thought, but then thinking of the rainbow crackle polish, I bought a while back, I didn't want to buy too many, although they had some lovely colours. So I was boring and bought the black and white one, the third bottle in each is a top coat for crackle polish. 

Each box had a white, a colour and a top coat. So I thought I'd try them out. Glad I only bought the one. The smell was disgusting, and could become over powering. The black crackled beautifully, The top coat didn't smear any of the polish, (as some can do) but as for the white!!! It didn't crackle at all. But for 99p, who could complain, apart from the smell, the black works great, would be good for making a leather effect look polish, and a top coat that worked well. Here are the nails I tried them on.

Have you heard of Nail Nation, or bought any of these yourself. I would love to hear your thought...


Mix Matched Nails

Nails for a special weekend

Hello again :) Felling better today after the last week, and so for this weekend I decided to do  mix match nails! As I have said before I'm a massive Formula 1 fan, and it's the British F1 this weekend, with the race tomorrow, on my youngest daughter's birthday :) I also wanted to do a tribute to our cat Tilly <3. So instead of three different nail manicures, I mixed all three together!!
I started by painting my nails white, and using Cheeky plates CH16 for the cup cakes design and CH17 for the present design, these where the birthday nails sorted. For the Formula 1, I chose on painting the Union Jack Flag, and for the tribute to Tilly, I was so lucky to find a nail stamping plate on ebay numbered M71, with the most cute cat on it, and Hello Kitty too...bonus :)

With all the different designs sorted, just had to chose what nails to paint them on lol. As I was only doing one nail for the F1, I painted the Union Jack on my thumb nail. Then alternate nails for the other designs. Whether they all go together or not, I don't care ha ha, this is me. To have far out and different nail art on each finger!! But I think they go well :) What do you think??

I'm really happy with how they all came out, even the dodgy flag painted with my non dominant hand!!
If you want to let me know, just comment below (hey that rhymes lol)...

Have a fab weekend, enjoy the sun :)


Friday 28 June 2013

MUA Polish Converse Shoes

Converse Shoe Nail Art

Hello all, I have been doing some nail art this week, but not as much as normal. As this week has been a sad one, and the house has felt very strange. I wont waffle on to much, but I'll quickly explain. We got a cat from a rescue place 17 and a half yrs ago. She was a beautiful tortoise shell coloured, 6 month old kitten. We called her Tilly, and she loved boxes lol. Well it seemed like she would live forever, but sadly at 18 yrs old, old age got to her and she became very ill, and was sadly put to sleep on Monday :'( 

Saturday 22 June 2013

MUA Poptastic Eye Shadow Nails

Eye Shadow Nail Art

Wow its only been a week, but feels like I've haven't been here for ages. I have still been trying out different types of nail art and posting photos on my Facebook Page, Nutty About Nails And Polish. This week has flown past for me, up and down the school for different things, and nail art in between, then before I knew it the weekend was here again!! So this weekend I decided to do a nail art design that I have done before. The first one I ever did was inspired by Robin Moses, using eyeshadow. This time round I wanted a more bright and vibrant eyeshadow, so I was lucky to get the MUA Poptastic Palette from my local Superdrug, as its a very popular one!

Seems a shame to use such a beautiful palette on your nails, but the effect is so amazing, and very easy to do. Bit messy too lol, but all cleans up in the end. The only other things you will need to do this type of nail art if Nail Foil Glue. As this is what sticks to eyeshadow to the nails, and a fan brush to dust the eyeshadow from the nail after.

I painted my nails with one coat of white polish, and when dry a thin coat of foil glue. Its harder to see on white polish, you can just see the purple tinge around my nails. When this has dried clear (about 5 minutes) the glue is tacky enough to use. I made the mistake of thinking it was dry, and when I dotted on the eyeshadow it went all lumpy!! So I made sure I waited today ha ha...

Using these colours, and cotton buds for each colour, I made the pressed powder into a dust, and lighty dotted onto my nails.....

Then continued the same way with the other colours....

As I said earlier it does look and get a bit messy, but nail polish remover cleans everything up. Using the fan brush, gently brush the nails to remove the excess eyeshadow...

Shame there was no sun to catch just how stunning this looks :) Cleaned up and added a sparkly top coat.

Now I was not sure whether to leave my nails like this. Looks and shines beautifully, but its not me
lol. So I added some free hand stripes, using acrylic paint.

I love it :) and if the sun ever makes another appearance, I will add another photo here....

Would you or have you tried Eyeshadow nail art? What do you think? Would love to hear from you, and I always reply :)
Hope you all have a fab weekend, and till next time take care....


Saturday 15 June 2013

Puzzle Nails

It's a bit puzzling :)

Hello all again :) hope your all well. I had no idea what I was going to do on my nails this weekend. But I wanted to something bright and out there lol, and as this week I have been trying out different acrylic paint nail art, (the post is here in case you haven't seen it, and on my Facebook page.) I thought I'd have a go on my nails :) I wanted to do something I hadn't done before, and decided on a stamping and acrylic paint design. I have so many stamping plates that choosing the design took a while, but ended using my Jumbo Plate from Cheeky, that I got a while back from Amazon. As soon as I saw the puzzle piece stamp, I knew exactly what I wanted to do, even though I knew it would be a pain staking task!! I still wanted to try it.

Painted my nails with two coats of white polish, and a matte top coat. As I find painting with acrylic paint is easier than a shiny top coat. Then using MUA black polish, (which is awesome for stamping) I stamped each nail with the puzzle design. I find that I have to double stamp some nails as my nails are long and the design is small. Using one colour of OUMAXI acrylic paint at a time, I started to fill in different puzzle pieces, on each nail. These acrylic paints are really good, I might even get some more :)  Now when I said it would be pain staking, I wasn't joking lol!! Just over two and a half hours later I was finished :) But the finished result is rocking :) Let me know what you think, and has any nail art ever taken you a long time? Well here they are :)

I hope you like them as much as I do :)


Thursday 13 June 2013

Nail Art!!

Nail Art Designs

Hey, hope your all well :) The weather has taken a dramatic change and feels more like Autumn :( so I've been busy trying out some new and different acrylic nail art designs. They are all on my new Facebook Page.
But also wanted to share them here for you guys to see. So that's all for now and here comes the photo's :)

Hope you like them, as much as I did painting them. Let me know what are your favourites...


Tuesday 11 June 2013

Moshi Monster Moshling Nail Art

Nail Art Inspired By Moshi Monsters

Hey :) only a short post today. My daughter who is nearly 9, is mad on Moshi Monsters. She asked me last night if I would be able to do a Moshi Monster nail art design. Now possibly with a bit more practise I would be able to do the actual main characters, but for now I decided to try a few Moshlings out. They are Moshi Monster pets. I started out by painting four swatch nails with Beauty UK Posh Polish in, Sunstone, Moonstone, Elfstone and Topaz. It's a shame the sun isn't shing today, as these polish's are so shimmery, and beautiful. Lovely to apply too :)

Some of the Moshlings have alot of detail, so I chose four that looked easy...

Using acrylic paint, thin detailing brush and some dotting tools, I started. About an hour or so later here is the finished nails. Quite easy ti paint, and I can't wait for my daughter to be home from school to see them :)

So what do you think? Comment below. I reply to anyone who leaves a comment.


Sunday 9 June 2013

MUA Fur Effect Nails

Fur Effect Nails

Wasn't planning on doing another post so soon, but just lately, I live, breath and eat nail art!! That's why I'm up so early on a Sunday morning typing this lol. So yesterday while watching the Canadian Formula 1 Qualifying, I decided to try something using MUA Fur Effect powder. I have three of these beauties and lucky enough found MUA Nail Polish to match! Boo Boo Fluff and Shade 9 polish, Fluffy Puff and Natural Days polish, Fuzzy Fluff and Bright Pink polish.

Started by painting two coats of each polish on swatch nails that I made. I painted a fourth nail with all three colours, for the idea I had.

Now I'm sure by now you all know how to do Fur Effect nails, but just in case, I painted a nail with top coat and with tweezers placed the Fur Effect all over the nail, pressed down lightly, then shook off. The striped nail was easy enough to do, as long as all the polish was dry. Just swiped top coat over one colour at a time.

The final result is awesome, and I'm sure with the striped nail, you could do thinner strips of polish, using a nail art brush, so you have each colour more than once. How hard it would be to put the fur effect on that 
though, I'm not sure. Saying that I might give it a go today, and post the photo here later... Till then, I hope you all enjoyed this post. Let me know what you think, I love reading comments from you guys :)


Saturday 8 June 2013

One Stroke to Water Marble

Saturday Nails...

Hello all. The weeks are going so quick, can't believe its Saturday already! Formula 1 weekend too, so even better :) Well anyway I wanted to try a One Stroke Nail Art this weekend, painted my nails yesterday with three coats of Sally Hansen Salon Manicure in Crinoline, a beautiful neutral colour. Brush is a bit on the big side for me, with these polishes. But managed to paint them ok without a lot of cleaning up to do. Only did one hand, didn't look to bad, but I wasn't that keen. So I took a photo, then took it all off!! Decided to do a Water Marble instead, which if I'm honest was my first thought for today's nails, so I should have stuck with that idea lol.....

So for the water marble I used Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear, in Blue It, Twisted Pink and Teeny Greeny Bikini. These polish's work really well for water marbling, and spread great in the water. Before I painted my nails with white polish, to make the colours pop, I tried out the Nail Care Polish I bought the other week from my local poundshop. A brand called SUHADA, a ridge filler, and nail repair for split nails. Nice to use, but I did notice the nail repair left tiny strands at the tip of my nail, so could be good to repair small splits in nails.

Taped fingers with masking tape, to save on the clean up after. Some people use Vaseline around their fingers, but I find this leaves an oily residue on the surface of the water, and stops the polish from spreading well. Orange stick and a paper cup of room temperature bottled water.

I drew a large flower in the polish, as I was going for a half petal flower design on my nails. Chose the spot of polish I liked the best and dunked my fingers in. After a bit of cleaning up, and Sally Hansen Insta-dri 30 second top coat (which is awesome and I can't live without!) I was finished. Waited for the sun to take a photo, as a bit cloudy here today, and here it is....

Blue it has to be my all time favourite blue polish. This look so pretty with the flowers in the garden :)
Let me know what you think. Have you tried water marbling, would love to see your photos. Also if there is a nail art you would like to see, comment below and let me know. I always reply to anyone who leaves a comment :)
Have a great weekend, I'm waiting for the Formula 1 to start....


Wednesday 5 June 2013

Crackle Polish

Coloured Crackle Polish

So yesterday after doing my nails with Del Sol Ruby Slipper, I mentioned I had some new coloured crackle polish to swatch. Now I'm not normally a lover of crackle polish, but as soon as I saw these bright gorgeous colours I had to get them. Not just to use on their own, but to do a rainbow crackled nail design. I've seen, and done myself, rainbow colours on the nail and painted black or white crackle over the top, to do a rainbow design that way. But this would be a bold base colour and rainbow crackle top :) I got the these from ebay, cost £11.98 and free delivery for a set of 8 polishes. I have bought from this seller before, and would totally recommend them. Delivery was fast, two days before the actual delivery date I was given! 

Wasn't too fussed by the Deep Red or Brown. It was the other bright colours that caught my eye. But as they came in the set I'm sure I'll used them someway or another. I swatch them over black and white to show the different shades of the polish. Looked darker when applied, but as they dried they became lighter, especially over the black base. Smell was quite strong, but not over powering. 

Was pleased with all shades, but the Deep Red changed with white polish to a musky pink, and the whits base was completely dry! Very pretty on the white, but pop so much with a black base. So now onto the rainbow crackle nail :) Again swatched over black and white, and I also tried two different design for each nail. Painting down and then across. Started a facebook page, just for my nails :)

Just awesome :) But from these four my favourites are the white striped across and the black striped down.
Would love to know what you think. Do you have any coloured crackle like these? Comment below, and I'll always reply :) Till next time, have a great day...


Tuesday 4 June 2013

Del Sol in Ruby Slipper

Del Sol Colour Change Polish

Hello beautiful people, isn't the sunshine just awesome :) Now I don't normally do a new manicure in the week, but with the sun shining, I just had to try out the awesome Del Sol in Ruby Slipper. I got this from an English seller on ebay, cost £8.00, bit more than I'd normally pay for a polish, but this is just so so awesome, it had to be done :)

Its a gold glittery polish, with gold and silver sparkle. Looks pretty plain in the bottle, but comes to life in the sun! I started out with two coats of this polish. Its better than normal glitter to apply, glided on the nail really smoothly. No strong smell either. 

I didn't think it suited my skin tone, but wasn't leaving it plain anyway, as I had an idea ever since I got this polish. Was just waiting for the sun to make an appearance! Using Cheeky stamping plate CH2 and MUA polish in black, I stamped a leopard print design over the entire nail.

I so wanted to go outside lol but as soon as the sun hits the polish, it changes to a beautiful red colour, hence the name Ruby Slipper. Once cleaned up and top coat applied, I went outside. Now I just no when I get my daughter from school, I will look like a mad person just staring at my nails :) The colour changes back in the shade. Just take a look :) 

If you want to see the colour change as it happens, check out my video here.
Well that's all for now, got some new coloured crackle polish to swatch for another post, and another idea! But till then have a great time in the sun :)


Sunday 2 June 2013

Easy Nail Art Stamping

ENAS- Easy Nail Art Stamping

Hello all :) Hope you are all having a great weekend, and enjoying the sunshine!! Yesterday I received a parcel from ENAS- Easy Nail Art Stamping, a company based in Korea. They sell all different images plates and the special nail polish, in a rainbow of colours. They kindly sent me a small stamping kit to review, and I was happy to do so, as I haven't found any British reviewers of their products!
It similar to Konad. But as with Konad, Bundle Monster, Cheeky and other stamping plates, you need an image plate, scraper and stamper. But with this item, all you need is the image plate and nail polish, and the stamper is the image plate! Another great aspect of this form of stamping, is that you can stamp an image with more than one colour, which you can do with the normal stamping plates, but its much harder to get an exact colour in one part of the image, or to two tone an image. So with this, the image design are endless :)

In this pack you can see the image plate, special nail polishes and an orange stick, this is to help clean up the image before stamping into your nail. 

But your asking how does it work? Well its really simple. First time of me using it, and if I can do it, anyone can! You paint the image you want with polish, and stamp onto paper to remove the excess polish. If you want a multi-colour design use the pointed end of the orange stick to remove the part of the design you want a different colour. Paint again with new colour, stamp onto paper again and you done. Now simply and slowly line up with your nail and press and roll slowly, with a bit of pressure and the image is on your nail. Although they say you can only use their special nail polish, I did want to try with Konad polish, and normal nail polish, just too see if it worked.

As from the photos you can see the results were pretty good, using Konad and normal nail polish, as well as the ENAS polish. Overall this product is awesome, and I would totally recommend anyone who is mad about nail art, (as I am lol) to buy this. The only top coat I have that doesn't smudge or smear nail art designs is by La Femme. Have done a video here YouTube :) Sadly Youtube auto adjusted my video, but you can still get what I'm doing.

This product was send for me to review for Easy Nail Art Stamping (ENAS) and this is my total and honest opinion. 

Have you got any ENAS stamping plates? Let me know what you think even if you haven't. Would love to hear from you guys :)


Saturday 1 June 2013

Patchwork Nails

MUA Polish Patchwork Nail Art

So excited today :) as I was doing my nails, the Postman delivered a parcel I was waiting on from ENAS, Easy Nail Stamping, based in Korea. They sent me a stamp and 2 nail polishes to review for them :) but that's another post. Back to today's nails. I tried this design the other day when I did my How to Blog, and liked it so much I decided to do it on my nails :) Used MUA Nail Polish, as they have lovely bright and pastel colours, that work so well together. After having to re-patch some nails yesterday,  as the old patches where also split, I painted my nails with two coats of white polish, so they were ready for today :)

The MUA Nail Polishes I used were:

I started by painting each nail in different spots with a small amount of polish. Till the whole nail was covered.

Doesn't look much at the moment, a bit messy if I'm honest, but its with small stitch marks made using a tiny detailing brush and black acrylic paint that fetches the nail art to life! I cut down my detailing brush to make it even thinner. Black acrylic paint from Ryman Art Shop.

Just totally awesome, and I'm very very happy with the finished effect, even with the stitch marks made with my non dominant hand. Video on YouTube :)

Would love to hear what you think, feel free to comment below :) Wish you all a great weekend!