Saturday 25 May 2013

Great Gatsby Nail Art

Nail Art inspired by The Great Gatsby

Saturday, and time to do another nail art design :) I wanted to something different today, so decided to copy the nail art I did the other day on nail sticks that was inspired by The Great Gatsby. I used  MUA nail polishes in Shade 10 and Stormy Skies, and some striping tape cut into small strips.

First I painted two coats of Shade 10, and let it dry completely, so when I used the striping tape it wouldn't pull the base colour off when I removed it. It was quite fiddly getting the striping tape in the right places, and making sure that each nail had a different design on them, and I cut enough tape to do both hands, but did one hand at a time. Once all the tape was stuck on the nails, I painted two coats of Stormy Skies, and on the second coat, while it was still slightly wet, carefully removed the tape with tweezers. Let it dry, and top coated it. The finished result is wicked :)

Would love to hear what you think, or have you done a design that was inspired by The Great Gatsby?


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