Friday 29 June 2018

Charlies Nail Art

Loose Glitter 

So it's the big day tomorrow, presents wrapped, cards written, balloons are ready to go up and the cake is finished, pic below. We will soon have a house full of 13/14 year old girls! Wish me luck lol.
Anyway for my Charlies Nail Art review today I have another bag of loose glitter. This times it's their Fine Nail Glitter. It comes in a resealable bag with 5g of glitter that comes in 37 different colours for only 75p. I have the copper shade.
I've created to very different looks using this fine glitter in different ways. My first was inspired by a photo from Google, sadly no tag so I can't give a shout out to who did this look. I tipped the glitter over wet polish to give a full glitter coverage.

Next up I wanted to see if this glitter could be burnished into a tacky base polish. It is possible though you don't get a chrome finish, which I wasn't expecting anyway. The finished look however is very pretty.
Then I added a matte top coat.

Both ways I used this glitter are great depending on the look your are going for. This glitter is also super sparkly before and after top coat, and the colour does not bleed when topcoated as these are P.E.T Glitter Cosmetic Grade.
If you fancy 15% off your order over on Charlies Nail Art website then please use my discount code BNM15. Plus don't forget you can check them out on FacebookInstagram
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Stay safe and much love.....

Thursday 28 June 2018


Water Decals

Hi guys, if your in the UK I hope your enjoying this warm Summer weather as much as I am. Although I'm not looking forward to decorating a chocolate cake in this heat. I may have to sit in the fridge lol
Anywho I'm back with some more fabulous water decals from Milvart. If you've not tried their water decals yet, I'd so recommend them, as they are the best water decals ever!
There is an amazing range of designs to choose from and definately something for everyone.
The 2 I have used for today's review are just perfect for hot sunny days.
N1015 is a super pretty mermaid design, and I really like how you get a mix of images and the little mermaid is do cute!

C20 are singular images but super detailed ice lollies and ice creams. These decals are super for colouring in, a bit like reverse stamping. I dipped in water, removed from backing and laid on a clear stamper. Filled them in and stuck to my nails using foil glue.

These ones can be used in so many different ways. When I say I dipped each decal in water, I meant just basically dipped. That's how long the need, not over soaking, with enough slide for perfect placement. They are uber thin and lay smooth and flat to even my curved nails.
I can't wait to share the others I have over the coming weeks.
You can find, follow and like Milvart over on
Facebook and Instagram.
Stay safe and much love.....

Wednesday 27 June 2018

Born Pretty Store

Metal Wire Flakies 

Can you believe another month is almost over! I thought the weeks went fast, now it's the months lol. I've also never been so busy with reviews and I'm loving it! 
Born Pretty Store have so many awesome nail goodies and these Metal Wire Flakies are so unusal and fun.
This is the red one, item number #42717, there are 7 different shades to choose from. So after doing the green last week, I said I'd do a video tutorial just incase you were wondering how this item is to apply.

So if you jumped past my video, here is the finished look before topcoat. And as you can see this shade of metal wire flakies is so vibrant with a foil kind of look over regular polish. So although you may not get the same finish as you would with gel, it's nice to know you can still get a nice effect with regular polish.

Then as a test just to see I used my fast dry top coat and not a water based one, this sadly I forgot to film for my video! But happy to report it didn't spoil the final result.
Such an unusal product with a stunning finish.
FacebookInstagram and Twitter are all the places you can find and keep up to date with Born Pretty Store and should you make a purchase don't forget to use my discount code BABX31.
Any questions please leave me a comment.
Stay safe and much love.....

Tuesday 26 June 2018

Beauty Big Bang

Cat Eye Magnetic Powder 

Hi guys, hope you are all well, I actually did this mani last week, well all my reviews lol so it left me free to make the Ferrero Rocher birthday cake for my daughter.
So I'm here with another Cat Eye Magnetic Powder from Beauty Big Bang. The item number is J6461TM-4C and is a pretty blue shade.
Following on from the other cat eye magnet powder last week, I've now found the perfect way to use these with regular polish. And I think it's down to getting the most magnetic particles on your nails for the magnet to have an effect. Admittedly it's a bit long, but well worth it when you see the final result.
So first off over black polish and a tacky base I buffed the pigment over each nail.
Then like my previous post I mixed some of the powder with a clear polish and applied 2 coats over each nail. When dry I added a topcoat then held the magnet over each nail working on one at a time. Here's the result I got.

Yes the cat eye effect is much stronger and looks stunning. I'm so happy I got these powders to work and happy to share with you all just incase you too like them and don't use gel.
If you have any questions or would like me to do a video tutorial please leave me a comment.
FacebookInstagram and Twitter are the best places to keep up to date with Beauty Big Bang and should you place an order then use my discount code TRAB10, not forgetting you can pay by credit card or PayPal and free worldwide delivery.
Stay safe and much love....

Monday 25 June 2018

Vivien Kondor

Argon Care Polishes

Hey peeps, I'm here again with the next 5 Argon Oil polishes from Vivien Kondor. I'll get straight into this post as I've a few extra things to add. So to start off here are the colours I've swatched.
Continuing from the previous 5 these are
CL21 Fuchsia, CL22 Magenta, CL23 Crimson, CL24 Sangria and CL25 Blood Red. Ok so before my swatches I wanted to answer a question I've been asked a lot regarding these polishes.
'What is the benefit of the Argon Oil?' Well as Argon Oil is rich in vitamin E it's a healing nutrient which helps heal damaged cells on your nails and cuticles. It also helps the growth of new healthy cells, so not only does Argon Oil polish benefit your nails this way but they will also look stunning in any colour from this collection. As before all swatches are 2 coats and no topcoat.
CL21 Fuchsia is one stunning rich and creamy pigmented pink. Almost a one coater. As I was painting my nails with this colour I had and incling it was a dupe, but at a much cheaper price!

Slightly going off topic just for a second, but here's my comparison pic. Pinky and ring are painted with OPI Lisbon Collection No Turning Back From Pink Street. Can you tell the difference? What a great match and for £4.99 can't be missed!
Back to my swatches with CL22 Magenta another rich creme that did have a slight purple tone that no matter how many pics I took, my camera would just not capture.

CL23 Crimson is a bright pink with a bluey purple shimmer. So unique yet stunning.

CL24 Sangria is a deep burgundy red, almost a wine colour. So rich and creamy and highly pigmented.

Lastly CL25 Blood Red is a super bright bright red. I was like wowzers as I applied this!

Another bunch of stunning polishes. Great quailty and so nice to apply with the large size brush. They all dry quick to the touch and have a nice shiny finish even without topcoat.
You can use my discount code on any polishes you purchase of on the Vivien Kondor website and can keep up to date with their other new polish collections and other make up items by checking them out on FacebookInstagram
and Twitter.
Till my next 5 Argon Oil swatches, stay safe and much love......

Friday 22 June 2018

Charlies Nail Art

Nail Art Stickers 

Hey peeps! Really don't know why I'm so happy today, maybe because it's Friday! And maybe as I'm trying to stay positive as hubby needs an MRI scan for his back and leg, which is causing him lots of pain. This really hasn't been his year health wise!
Also my mani today is full of cheer and love with these Heart and Cross nail stickers from 
Charlies Nail Art. They are only 99p.

There is a nice mix of designs on the sheet? they peel off easily and stick flat to nails, even my curved ones. I normally don't like nail stickers especially when they don't stick down properly. These ones however I had no problems with. So over my red base from yesterday's post, these stickers look so pretty and go so well.
A layer of topcoat to protect them helped to hide and clear parts on the stickers. These would be great for Valentine's day, an engagement or wedding.
Charlies Nail Art offers so many different and fabulous items, at great prices with fast delivery and fantastic customer service. So why no check them out, and use my 15% discount code BNM15.
Also check them out on FacebookInstagram
and Twitter.
Have a great weekend and as always stay safe and much love....

Thursday 21 June 2018

Essie Gel Couture

Instagram Winner 

No review today! Instead a post for me, and one I'm excited to share with you all.
Not that long ago I won a massive prize from a giveaway over on IG by @tippedoffnails.
Some amazing goodies from nail items to skin care, face masks and a colouring book and pencils. I shared some of the items with my daughter's 😊
But these new to me Essie Gel Couture polish I kept lol.
Basically a gel effect polish with a daylight curing top coat. The shade I have Rock The Runway. A bright pigmented and sexy red! Swatched with 2 coats and the day light curing top coat.

Such a beautiful shade and the glossy finish is super wow. Have you tried this polish yet?
Stay safe and much love......