Monday 30 November 2015

Moyou Nails Review

Square Stamping Plate 401

I know this is only my second review on these new Square Stamping Plates from Moyou Nails, but I'm so looking forward to trying them out as so far they are amazing!
Today is on Plate 401 that has some very beautiful and elegant lace images as well as tartan and a gorgeous houndstooth. 

Stamped on paper using Moyou Nails Black Polish .
Look how amazing they look on the Moyou Nails Stamper.

Again you can see these images are etched really well as the pick up on the stamper is perfect, it's just my placement that's off lol.
I have done another 3 different mani's using this plate and Moyou Nails Polishes.
First up a simple yet stunning black and white Houndstooth.

Such a clean and crisp image, that I didn't topcoat as I like the matte look. Double stamped and super easy to match this design. I love how pretty this looks.
Next up I used the image that's directly under the houndstooth. A floral lace that I new would look really pretty stamped in blue, over a white base.

I love how the Moyou Nails Polishes don't smudge or smear when top coated, and I think this looks absolutely stunning and somewhat China Plate-ish. The image picked up showing every detail, and was another easy image to double stamp.
For my final mani with plate 401, I used the middle lace image from the bottom 3 designs. I had an idea in mind for this image, and love how it looks.

The white stamping looks so vibrant over the red base polish. These images are just amazing. The tiny detail in the lace designs is awesome. I also like how it's so easy to match the images for double stamping,  but also mix it up and stamp only part of each nail to give a lace effect tip.

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Join me again soon for my next Square Plate review.
Stay safe and much love....

Saturday 28 November 2015

Nails For Me!

Inspired By Mani

Happy Saturday all, and am I glad its the weekend. I really need some me time as its been a very busy week of working on reviews and looking after my granddaughter. I also realized that I haven't painted my nails for me (both hands) in ages! With this in mind I had no idea what to do....just typical!!
I saw a Mani on Instagram by @mdollasnails and loved it so much I thought I'd recreate it.
Miss Sporty Gel Shine Polish in a beautiful electric blue was the perfect base. Two coats, no topocoat.

Over this I applied one coat of an awesome silver holographic polish from Born Pretty. This polish is amazing as a holo topcoat.

Using a dupe stamping plate of BP L018 and Moyou Nails White polish and added the feather images.

I really like this feather design and to be honest I didn't even no I had it, as I said the plate I have is a born pretty dupe I bought very cheaply from eBay, and it stamps really well.
Its so nice to see both hands painted with a Mani I truly love.
Hope you do too and a big thanks to mdollasnails for the inspiration :)

Have a great weekend and stay safe much love...

Friday 27 November 2015

Charlies Nail Art Review

Santa Face Decals 

Hello all I hope you are well on the last Friday of the month, and with December just round the corner my review today for Charlies Nail Art is for some 3D Santa Face Decals. These decals come in a bag of 10 for £1.00. I thought it appropriate to start my Christmas mani's with these Santa Faces.

For my base I did a pale blue polish stamped with white snowflakes. I wanted something to compliment the colours in these decals. They were easy to attach to my nails with some clear polish, and even though they didn't lay flat on my nails they stuck really well.

Super cute and the way these colours all go together really makes this  mani complete.

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Till next time stay safe and much love....

Monday 23 November 2015

Moyou Nails Review

Square Stamping Plate 

Hi all, I'll get straight into this post as it's the start of my in depth reviews on the new Square stamping plates from Moyou Nails. My post quickly describing these 14 new plates can be found here
Plate 400 is the first in this collection. All these plates come with a white backing measuring 6.7 X 6.7 cm, the images on the plates range from 0.5 x 1.5 cm to 1.5 x 2 cm.

The images on this plate are really pretty. The sqiggly image reminds me of a water marbling design, the straight lines made me think of The Big Bang Theory and Sheldon's Doppler effect! So many ways this plate could be used..
Using Moyou Nails Black Polish I stamped each image on paper, just look how well etched they are and stamped perfectly.

 Even on the Moyou Nails Stamper.
And so to my first mani with this plate, black stamping polish and I chose the squiggly image. I had green holographic foil on my nails and this is the finished look after stamping. 

I had to double stamp my nails, but with the way this image is, it was super easy to do. Love this look so much!
For my next mani I have done a simple monochrome, there is something about black and white nails and with the image I stamped from the plate it looks super pretty.

My nails are slightly shorter as I have a patched nail on my cindy hand and wasn't taking any chances with my swatching hand. Double stamped again, and was really easy to match the pattern, really like the simplicity of the as it looks stunning.
For my third and final mani with this plate, I have gone really colourful and made stamped decals coloured in with Moyou polishes.

I love this image, how they look like individual flower's but they actually aren't! Again believe it or not I had to add extra bits of decals to the tips of my nails, but as this plate is full of optical illusion designs, it made it so much easier.
My first impression of this plate is that's it's amazing, and I'm so looking forward to reviewing the rest.

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Join me next week for plate 401.
Stay safe and much love...

Sunday 22 November 2015

Lady Queen Review

Multi Coloured Studs 

Hello all and I'm here again with another review for Lady Queen. Today I have some neon multi coloured diamond / rhombus studs. I do love these neon studs as they brighten up any mani. I took me a while to think of a unique way to use these studs, which can be found here.

They come in 6 different neon colours in this handy storage wheel.
So I painted my nails with a white base and when it was completely dry I applied a fast dry topcoat all over my nails and attached a different coloured stud to the middle if each nail. Then with a thin dotting tool and a polish matching each stud I put small dots around the stud.

I really like how each colour pops over the white and the complimenting dots work so well. If you like these are any of the other nail items on the Lady Queen web site, use my discount code below.

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Thank you for stopping by and until next time stay safe and much love....

Friday 20 November 2015

Charlies Nail Art Review

Glitter Nail Foil 

Hello lovelies, I have an awesome review for you today from Charlies Nail Art. For just 39 little pennies you can get this super pretty Glitter Nail Foil. I will admit that green isn't normally a colour I'd choose personally, but it's good to leave your comfort zone lol. And on seeing this, oh boy I was in love!

A pretty shade of green, but nothing special I hear you say... just look at this amazing transformation under flash light...

Now how awesome does it look? As per usual I painted my nails with a similar green polish to the foil, applied foil glue when the polish was completely dry. Check out how easy this foil is to use...

These 2 photos are before topcoat.

With topcoat,  and you can see the amazing sparkle is still visible and hardly any cracking or crinkling of the foil.

Use my 10 % discount code BNM10, to purchase this or any other nail art bits from Charlies Nail Art web site.

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Stay safe and much love....

Wednesday 18 November 2015

New Stamping Plates

Moyou Nails Square Stamping Plates

Hello all and what and what an exciting post I have for you all today. If you follow Moyou Nails on Facebook or Instagram then you would have seen they have just released the sale of some new Square stamping plates, 14 to be exact. The sizes of the designs on all of these new plates range from 0.5 x 1.5 cm to 1.5 x 2 cm.

Image Plate 400 has various optical illusions full nail images.

Image Plate 401 has classic full nail designs, including lace and hounds-tooth. 

Image Plate 402 has scaly new designs and some traditional images from older plates that have been formulated to make a beautiful new full image plate. 

Image Plate 403 is an entire plate dedicated to flowers and floral full nail designs. 

Image Plate 404 is the plate dedicated to world cities. 

Image Plate 405 from cupcakes to puzzle pieces this is a fun full nail plate.

Image Plate 406 is a French manicure with a twist and 19 images to choose from. 

Image Plate 407 is the multi-festive plate, with fabulous designs for a Christmas, Easter or Halloween.

Image Plate 408 this plate is super cute, with a range of cool sunglasses, gifts, cute animals and an adorable snowman.

Image Plate 409 is the  new Valentines plate. 

Image Plate 410 a beautiful Wedding themed plate with wedding glasses, silhouettes, swans and doves. 

Image Plate 411 perfect for nature, with abeautiful owl, butterfly and peacock designs. 

Image Plate 412 has some very beautiful small floral nail images. 

Image Plate 413 is a bit pop art inspired with silhouettes and splats. 

I will be reviewing these plates in depth each week, so come back on Monday to see plate 400. But if you like any of these plates them my discount code below will get you 20 % off.

See you all on Monday, till then stay safe and much love...