Saturday 31 August 2013


FxNailz Nail Polish Review

So for my second post today, I have something very special to share with you all. The wonderful people at FxNailz kindly sent me four of their nail polishes to review. I was like a kid at Christmas when the postman knocked with the parcel lol, even my Hubby offered to help me open them, as the packaging was really good, so no breakages during posting :) One by one I opened them, and I'm sure my mouth opened a little wider every time I saw the awesome polishes. Grinning like a Cheshire cat, I couldn't wait to try them out!

Two Fickle heat sensitive polish in Glitter Purple to Pink and Olive to Gold. A duo Chrome in a Burgundy Red, with Gold, Orange and Brown shimmers, just right with Autumn on the way, awesome in a bottle! The last was FxNailz Mirror, in the most beautiful shade of Pinky/Purple, I was in love.
These were all a dream to apply. 8ml of polish, a nice size brush and for me the lids were a nice size to hold when painting your nails. What do they look like on, well wait no more, here are all with two coats of polish and no top coat...

Fickles Olive to gold.

Fickles Glitter Purple to Pink.

Duo Chrome.

Fickles Mirror.
It was hard to catch the duo chrome, but still an amazing colour. With the Mirror polish, I was like OMG with the first stroke I painted on my nail! A wicked Mirror effect :)
The Fickles heat sensitive polish, works on the basis of body temperature. So not like some that change colour in the sun. Basically the hotter you become the polish will start changing, normally the base of your nail as its closer to your body than the tip. So you get a nice gradient effect. The easiest way for me to show you this change, was to dip my nails in hot water. 

See the tip looks brighter than the base.

Full nail dipped in water.

You can just make out the lighter tip.

Full nail dipped.

It was hard for me to catch the change in a photo, But I can promise you I could see the change. I think some colours, like the Purple to Pink are easier to capture. But if you look at the earlier photos with the polish, you can see a colour difference. All in all I'm in love with all these polishes, each one is wicked its its own right. As I said these were sent to me for review, and this is my personal and honest opinion. Check out FxNailz for yourself, the Fickles come in a range of different colours :)

Thanks for reading, and I can't wait to hear what you guys think. Have you got any FxNailz polish?
Take care and have a great weekend :)


Lace Tip Nails

White Lace Nail Tip Stickers

Hello all :) I'm so glad the sun is shining today, as it makes for better photo's and I have two posts today!
So let's start with the first. A while back I got some white lace stickers. I've been wanting to do a lace design on my nails for ages, but not a full nail effect. Then came the choice of what colour to use. I wanted to go for something that I haven't worn in ages, and finally settle on Sinful Colors in 'Let's Talk'. A beautiful somewhat shimmery purple.

Thought this colour, with a white lace tip would look awesome. But then, someone in one of the groups I'm in on Facebook posted a photo of their nails painted with Nails Inc. in Baker Street. Such a beautiful beautiful blue! Now I don't own any Nails Inc. as they are far to pricey for my budget, but I know I'd seen that colour in my stash when I was writing them all down, and of course I sorted them all out to put in my new storage. So on a mission I pulled out the draw with my blue polish in, and low and behold the first colour I looked at was the one!! Miss Sporty in Pop Fiction (number 320).

In the sun


Whether this is an actual dupe I can't really say, but it looks pretty close to me, and with a price difference of £9, I'm happy :) I could have easily got away with one coat of this polish, but I always do two. It was so nice and creamy, and a whizz to apply.

Two coats, no top coat.

Next came the fiddly bit. Applying the Lace Tip stickers! But after a few shakes, I eventually finished :) As well as the stickers, there were tiny rhinestones which I placed at the bottom of each nail. 

I'm so happy with this, even my Hubby complimented me more than once, on the colour, and the lace design. He said it's one of his favs that I've done :) He said he loves the colour that much, he wants to paint our living room the same colour lol!!
So this is the first post finished. What do you think? Love getting comments, and knowing what you think, and I'll always reply.
Thanks as always for stopping by :)


Monday 26 August 2013

Neon Matte Polish

Neon Polish Gloss vs Matte

Happy Bank Holiday Monday to my UK buddies :) I wasn't planning on doing a post today, but after looking on Cosmetic Fairy website, and I wish I hadn't lol, I saw Hedy's Manishma Brights Nail Polish. Six awesome Neon Matte colours. Sadly I have no pictures, as I won't take someone else's photo, but can give you the names. Electric Blue a vibrant shimmery blue,  Rocket Green a wicked bright green,  Nuclear Pink this is one awesome pink,  Bolts of Blue a shimmery bright teal colour,  Lightening a very bright yellow and High Voltage a bright coral. Now I'm on a no buy, and my nail polish fund is at zero anyway, and I really like these :'( Now knowing you can make any nail polish matte using a matte top coat, I thought I'd have a go with some neon polish I already have. Just to make myself feel better lol. The polishes I used I've had for a while and were bought from a stall under the arcade in Romford, one is by Chit Chat from Poundland, and one that I got for Christmas. Sadly they don't all have names....

Blue, Yellow, Orange, Screaming Fuchsia, Green, Blue, Lily Hot Pink and Matte Top Coat from Asda.
As always I painted the swatch nails with white polish, as this makes a bright nail polish pop even more. Then three coats of each colour. When I took them outside to take a photo, and the sun shone on them, I had to get my sunglasses they were that bright lol.

Then with two coats of Matte Top Coat...

In the sun

In the shade

Ok so not the exact same colours as the Hedy's Manishma Brights, but as this didn't cost me anything I'm happy :)
Also one quick thing before I go. In one of the Facebook groups I'm in, someone asked if anyone knew of a regular black polish that can be used for stamping. Now I wont pay the price for the piddly bottles of stamping polish, and did a few tests of my own. Again with Matte polish. The first was Pretty Matte and Gloss in Black from Poundland. The second I took a half bottle of white polish and added in some Matte Top Coat and shook together. Here are the results stamping on white and black polish. I think you might be just as amazed as I was at how well the cheapest polish actually stamps....

Bargain from Poundland.

How awesome is that, well I think it is lol. So if my brain is working well, it seems to me that matte polish will stamp really well.
What polish do you use for stamping? Have you heard or got the Hedy's Manishma Brights? I'd love to know, feel free to leave your say below ha ha :)

Have a good one!!


Saturday 24 August 2013

Rainbow Holo Nails

Perfect Holographic Rainbows Nails

What a great looking Bank Holiday weekend! But then that's just typical for the UK lol, and the day I decide to use Perfect Holographic to do a nail design. These are the cheapest holographic polish I own, at just 88p a bottle, you can't go wrong. The only downside is the holo sparkle sinks, and you need to shake them quite a bit. But in the sun they are just awesome, better than the Layla I have!! So for that I don't mind :) My nails are also shorter too, it was a sad day for nails yesterday lol. I walked into and kicked the sofa by accident and lost a toe nail!!....Ouch :'(
Luckily just the top layer of nail came off, so all toe nails are shorter. Then I decided to file my finger nails down, four patched for ages, and the splits had grown near the top, so now I only have two patched nails :) and I hate having them patched!!
I also found a wicked black polish for stamping with :) I used to MUA £1 black, but they stopped making it, and I wont pay the price for a piddly bottle of Konad!! In Poundland the other week I got Pretty Matte and Gloss in black. I did a few tests, and can say that Matte Black Polish stamps really well :)

Perfect Holographic in H7, H5, H4, H3, and H8

Pretty Matte Black Polish

Indoors with flash

Indoors no flash

Outside in the rain
Cheeky Stamping Plate CH6

Not the best stamping I've done, but still having to double stamp even though my nails are shorter. This pattern was hard to line up, I'm still happy with it though, just a shame the sun wasn't out to show the awesomeness of these holo's. Maybe tomorrow :)
Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to leave me a comment. 
Have you got Perfect Holographic Polish, what do you think of them? Have you tried Matte polish for stamping? I'd love to know.
Well have yourself a great Bank Holiday :) :)


Thursday 22 August 2013

New Storage :)

New Storage for my Nail Polish

I'm so happy today, as at last I finally have new and better storage for my nail polish collection and felt it deserved a blog post :) In one of the many nails groups I'm in on Facebook, someone posted a photo of a six draw metal unit called Helmer, that was so cute. They bought it from Ikea, it cost £25 and comes in four colours, white, silver, red and yellow. I was hoping to get a silver one, as it would have suited better with our other furniture. But could only find it in white, and as my friend took me to get it I wasn't coming home empty handed lol. The box isn't to big, but is fairly heavy, and I just managed to carry it to pay and then to the car without breaking a nail lol. Got my hubby to put it together for me this morning, it was really easy. Mainly clips together, with screws for the castors and draw handles, but its very sturdy. Even comes with little pieces of paper to slot in each draw front, so you know what in each draw!!
So never again will I see my nail polish collection taking over the table and looking like this...

The other day I sat and wrote down every nail polish I own by brand and colour! I wanted to get an exact amount of how many I had. Took me 3 hours, and a very achy arm lol. After counting the final total was 604!! Someone said on Facebook that the Helmer would hold 500/600 nail polishes. The draws were roughly the same size as the larger pink trays, so I knew they would all fit in ok.  

It looks so cute, and a bargain price too! I have filled the draws, but yet to add the labels. 
Now for the draws :)........

Starting with the bottom, going to the top...

Glitters, Holographics, Crackles, Glow in the Dark and Mood Change

Whites, Blacks, Nudes, Oranges and Stamping Polish


Purples and Yellows

Greens and Reds

Browns and Blues

Now as you can see some of the draws sill have some room in them. So if my 604 and fit in, then I would say this unit would easily hold 650. The only polish that I have that wouldn't stand up is the Bourjois, but I can live with that lol
Overall I'm so happy with this, it will be so much easier for me to find a colour without having to move trays, and put them back and cover them over again! We also have a table to eat at again lol.. Anyone who's looking for better storage, I would so recommend you get yourself one of these.

What do you think? I love hearing from you guys, and reply to every comment left.

Have a great day :)


Tuesday 20 August 2013

MoYou London Giveaway by Spellbinding Nails

MoYou London Stamping Plates

A late night post to share with you all :) Sarahlouise1986 of Spellbinding Nails is doing an awesome giveaway of 6 Moyou Stamping Plates of your choice from the following collections :
  • Rockstar
  • Tourist
  • Time Travellor
  • Frenchy
  • Rebel
  • Pro
  • Princess
  • Sailor
  • Suki
  • Kitty      

The designs on all these plates look awesome. The giveaway is sponsored by Moyou, and is open internationally :) Head on over to her page to take a took :) Good luck to everyone.


Saturday 17 August 2013

Oldie Worldy Nails

Old Fashioned Nail Art

Hey all I'm back again, and what a week I've had! Made my own Jelly nail polish using Alcohol Inks :) I wish I had a laptop, as there is only so much I can do on my phone. Tried sorting my polish out, so it was stored in an easier way, but then gave up!  Messed around with some other nail design, and have seen some Moyou Stamping plates, but bank balance is too low :( So maybe one day....
But back to today's design. I tried newspaper nails, and although it came out ok, I wanted an easier way of getting a print design. Saw and got a stamping plate a while back, with the words 'love and peace', was cheap and I had a design in mind using it. 

Newspaper nails.

I wanted to go for a different and antique look, and the words 'love and peace' fitted in perfectly. Choosing the nail polish to use was sort of easy, and I did two swatch nails to see which one I liked the best, with the same polishes. 

Barry M, Miss Sporty, Wet 'n' Wild and MUA
The Wet 'n' Wild is a pale shimmery beige, and this was my base colour. It took three coats to get a nice coverage. Then with a make up sponge, I used MUA in Mud Pie to dab random spots on each nails, to give an aged effect. I know now I should have taken a pic of this, but kids painting their bedroom, so I was up and down the stairs like a yo yo, and totally forgot! The two different ways I swatched this, was Barry M Dark Grey writing and Miss Sporty Dark Brown roses, then the other way round, so dark brown writing and grey roses. But the darker flowers were too harsh against the writing. 

Stamping plates D8 and QA7

Indoors with flash

Outside, no sun :(
Overall I'm pleased with how this came out. My hubby said looks like old Victorian paper, so I got the effect I was after :)

Love hearing from you guys, would like to know what you think?
Cheers for stopping by, and have a great weekend :)


Wednesday 14 August 2013

Jelly Nail Polish

Making your own Jelly Nail Polish

So wanted to share this with all you lovely people, that's why I'm here for a mid-week post :) Jelly nail polish is really big at the moment with Barry M and 2True  to name a few who have high shine Jelly Nail Polish. But these are too opaque to make a Jelly Sandwich Nail Art. Now with my collection growing, and the bank balance suffering lol, I wanted a way to make a cheaper version at home, as I love the look of the Jelly Sandwich. I saw a video on You Tube by denisejohn65. She made her own Jelly nail polish using alcohol inks, so this isn't my idea, just inspiration from her video. You need the alcohol inks, I found mine on ebay, and clear nail polish. The inks come in all different colours, and the ones's I have are red, green and blue.

I added 20 drops of the red ink to the polish. It just sits on top at first, but that's nothing to worry about.

Once you shake the bottle, the ink mixes in with the clear polish, but you can still see the transparency although its coloured. 20 drops was the right amount for the colour I was aiming to get, but you could add more or less. It's all down to personal preference.

I think this looks awesome, and when I get some more spare clear polish, I will be making the other colours, and even try mixing inks to see what colours I get!! Photo's of these will be on my Facebook page when I do them :) So anyway, I swatched this on a nail, this is two coats....

Technic Multi coloured glitter.

This is the final effect of my version of a Jelly Sandwich Nail, using the Technic Glitter Polish, and a further two coats of the red jelly polish. Such a shame that although the sun was shining, my camera just couldn't pick up the pure beauty of this nail. It looks so awesome!!

What do you think, and have you seen denisejohn65 video?
Thanks as always for stopping by :)

Saturday 10 August 2013

Neon Water Marble

W7 Neon Polish Water Marble

Hey all again :) Well I'm still in need of a kick up the bum to get me motivated lol. I've been busy reading and added new bloggers, bought some new polish from Claire's for £1 each :) Leather Look and Denim Look, which I still need to swatch! I think the main reason I've not been doing much nail art, is because the way my nail polish collection is stored. It has grown since I took my last photo, blog post here, and I'm having store them on top of each other, which becomes a pain in the butt when I'm looking for a colour!! I did mess around with some glitter polish, rhinestones and micro beads and came up with this design...

So anyway back to today's design. I wanted to see how well W7 Neon Polish would water marble. I wanted to go for a bright nail art this weekend. The first few attempts failed, mainly due to me not knowing what pattern to draw in the polish! But overall they water marbled very well, spreading nicely in the water. I ended up doing a stripy design.

Neon Orange, Green, Blue, Yellow and Pink.

Looks nice and bright, just how I wanted, but them looking against my skin tone, looked too bright and didn't suit. I wasn't going to take it off and think of something else lol. I did think of doing another water marble over the top using black and clear polish to make a scribble effect, but then remembered I had a Cheeky Stamping Plate with a scribble design on :) Thought black polish would be too harsh, so used Barry M Dark Silver Magnetic Polish to stamp the design. 

Cheeky Plate CH16

This polish stamps so well, like most magnetic polishes do. The shade of colour was just right. Had to double stamp all nails, as they are long. I keep looking at them, thinking should I file them down, but I like them long lol, so maybe next weekend... Anyway to the finished look :)

I like how it looks, but whether I keep it on all week, I'm not sure yet. If I do change it, I'll be sure to let you know ha ha...
Well that's all for now. Would love to hear from you guys, I reply to any comment left, and as always, thank you for taking the time to look :) Have an awesome weekend :)