Monday 6 May 2013

Fluffy nails

Fluffy nails :)

Hello again :) can I just say what a glorious day it it here today in the UK (about time lol), so anyway, when MUA came out with their range of fur effect, I was super excited. A fine textured fluffy powder, to make a velvet effect on nails. The only thing I was disappointed by, was the range of colours. Was hoping for a full rainbow. I bought the two colours I liked the best, Boo Boo Fluff, a beautiful bright blue, and Fuzzy Fluff, an awesome bright pink. If you haven't guess by now my favourite colours are blue and pink :)

Still wanting more colours in this effect for nails, I started searching on ebay. Found a seller in HK, selling 16 rainbow coloured nail flocking powder, even came with free tweezers, and cost £2.50....bargain. The delivery was fast :) Wicked colours, but some seemed to have more flocking powder in than others. So I might not get a full manicure with these, but was planning to use them for smaller nail art designs, and for the price its still good value. Not sure if I would use some of the colours, but you never know........

Have a few designs in mind with these, especially now the weathers changing. So keep checking :) One design I have tried already was  red fluffy love hearts. Take a look....

After painting my nails with Collection 2000 Hot Looks in Candyfloss, I stamped red love hearts using Cheeky Plates CH5, a small amount of top coat in each nail,  and then carefully added the flocking powder. Didn't top coat, as this ruins the effect. Was dubious when I got my hands wet, but was so amazed that they dried instantly, not ruining the design. Used the foil method for removal, check out my post Easy foil polish removal

Would love to have some feedback from you guys, so please feel free to comment :)


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