Tuesday 31 May 2016

Vivien Kondor

Water Permeable Nail Polish 

Hello my lovelies, a nice week off from my usual routine which means more time to paint my nails! Today I have another Water Permeable Polish to share with you from Vivien Kondor.
This polish is called Golden Beige, and is a nice golden colour, more of a nude gold than an orange gold. To see all the info on these Water Permeable Polishes, see my original post here.

I've swatched this colour with no base coat as this defeats the object of it being water permeable. It dries pretty quickly and was good coverage after 1 coat. As for my swatches I've done 2 coats and no topcoat. In the shade you can see how well it appears on my nails and looks smooth.
In the sun is when this colour came to life! It glistened and looks so pretty.

This polish is priced at  £6.99 and worth every penny, as the quality is stunning as with all polishes from Vivien Kondor.
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Stay safe and much love....

Monday 30 May 2016

Full Nail Water Decals

Nicole Diary Review 

Today's full nail water decals from Nicole Diary are some very pretty roses with a beautiful lady who looks like a fairy. You can find Nicole dairy water decals on Amazon or Aliexpress and these decals here.

These decals are so easy to apply and clean up, and once top coated they look stunning. I painted my nails white as the backing is clear. Watch my video below.

I hope you agree when I say these look so beautiful and they are the best decals I've used. Easy to apply and clean up, the picture quality is stunning as is the choice you can buy. Take a look on Amazon or Aliexpress and if you place and order leave a note with my code Tra2016 and you will receive a free gift from $2 to $5.
Stay safe and much love...

Saturday 28 May 2016

Inspired by Nails

Rainbow Dots

Happy Saturday everyone! Today I'm having a well earned 'me day' watching F1 Monaco qualifing and just finished my nails. Every morning I take my daughter to the bus stop for school. I kept noticing a picture that I though would be a good inspiration for a mani. So yesterday I embarrassed my daughter and took a photo of this picture. 
I like the stripes but wanted to do small dots as that's what I originally thought made this image. So with my nails painted black I added white dots.
Yes this took a while and made my eyes go funny lol. To this I used Moyou Nails Neon Polishes and dotted over the white. This is how it looked before topcoat.
I didn't like how the glossy topcoat looked over this, so matte top coated instead.
I was also curious to see what a holo topcoat would look like so only painted on my cindy hand.
Although this was easy to do and took me just over an hour to do both hands, I like how it turned out, but no overall completely happy with it. Maybe I should have done stripes. What do you think?
Have a great weekend, and as always stay safe and much love...

Friday 27 May 2016

Charlies Nail Art Review

Feather Water Decals 

Friday at last! Not that I want time to go any faster, but next week is half term so I've got a nice week of lazy days lol. 
My Charlies Nail Art review today is on some very pretty Feather Water Decals.

These decals are only £1.00, and there is more than enough to do 2 full mani's, depending on how many feathers you place on each nail.
For my mani I started with a white base, and applied the feather decals. They are on a clear decal paper and really pop over a light colour.

Topcoat also seemed to make them look more realistic. I love these decals and how they look, and a great way to get a stunning mani that's super easy to do.
Use my discount code below to get 10% off your order.
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Have you tried this look before? Hope you like it as much as I do.
Stay safe and much love.....

Thursday 26 May 2016

Vivien Kondor Polishes

Classic Collection 

The next 2 polishes I have swatched today are from Vivien Kondor's Classic Collection. A very pretty peachy shade called Coral and a deep blue called Cobalt Blue.
I so happy the sun was out as Coral is a beautiful sunshine colour. Swatched with 2 coats and no topcoat. This had a lovely glossy finish and looks so pretty.

I thought I'd have another go at a macro shot!
Cobalt Blue was more sheer than Coral, which was a true creme polish. Still a stunning deep blue that looked amazing in the sun. Swatched with 3 coats and no topcoat. Also a super glossy finish.

Pinky finger macro :)
Application was really nice and these both dried some what quickly. I then had a mad idea to layer a holo polish from Vivien Kondor over this blue. Dark Blush is a mid toned pink and looked utterly awesome over Cobalt Blue.

All of these polishes are priced at £3.99 each, and are simply lovely to use, that I'd so recommend them to everyone.
Stay safe and much love...

Wednesday 25 May 2016

Moyou Nails Stamping Review

Square Stamping Plate 429

Hey all I'm here with my final Square Stamping Plate Review for Moyou NailsThis plate has 14 single floral and 3 larger french tip type images. Plate 429 is described as a plate with gorgeous floral designs making it a must have for anyone in love with spring and blooming nature. 
Each design stamped so well on both paper and stamper.

There were so many mani's I had in mind with this plate, but as I'm super busy I just did my usual 3. All using Moyou Nails polishes and clear jelly stamper.
I really liked the single flower and with the jelly stamper is was so easy to double stamp and line up the image. So I stamped with white first.
Then with Moyou Nails Neon polishes.
Over black I think these rainbow flowers look so nice.
Staying with a black base I stamped with what is now my favourite silver stamping polish, and did a gloss vs matte look with the longer star design.

Lastly another favourite look of mine. Blue and white looks so classy and this image was just perfect.

Placement was so easy and I would recommend the clear jelly stamper as it works so well with no priming.
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Stay safe and much love....