Saturday 27 June 2015

Flower Nails


As I have a busy Saturday I painted my nails yesterday. A triple celebration party planned for the whole day, so what I was going to do on my nails I have done a day earlier.
If you remember me talking about my swatch stick box of inspiration, that's where this mani has come from. 
Not sure if any of you do a mani and really love it, then your not so happy with your following mani. Well that's me! Even the swatch nail I'm taking my inspiration from looks better than my nails!! I didn't rush, but something doesn't look right, I keep looking at them wondering whether to take it off, but as yet I'm still wearing them.
I started with 2 coats of Kate Spade Nails Inc in New York Noir and topped with my favourite fast dry topcoat, Sally Hansen 30 second Insta-dri.
Then with different coloured Oumaxi acrylic paint, I added flowers and dots.

Don't get me wrong it is pretty the way the colours pop against the black base, I just can't put my finger on what I don't like about this mani. But it will stay on for now.
Have a great weekend and till next time stay safe and much love...

Friday 26 June 2015

Charlies Nail Art Review

Multi Coloured Studs

Hello friends, welcome to another review for Charlies Nail Art. Today I have some very pretty Neon Heart Metal Studs. You can find them here, 100 pieces for 99p and you can also get circles, squares and stars. 

How pretty do they look. I love the neon colours, perfect for a funky summer nail art. I painted my nails with a leather look black polish, as I thought it would suit these studs perfectly. Then carefully with topcoat and tweezers I applied them in a rainbow look down the middle of each nail. 

Wowzers! Love, love, love this so much. The neon pops against the leather look polish, and is a perfect match. It's such a fun mani to do. Don't forget to follow Charlies Nail Art on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. And also the 10% Off code BNM10.
Stay safe and much love...

Thursday 25 June 2015

Wiki'd Nail Challenge


What the what!!! Hi all and I'm here with the 6th instalment of the Wiki inspired nails challenge. This week's is bones, deinocheirus is large arm/shoulder bones from a dinosaur  that was alive over 70 million years ago.
So with this in mind I have painted a freehand dinosaur on my nails, Inspired by Narmai, just one amazing 3D nail art. As I have no gel polishes, I painted mine with acrylic paint.
Made a sandy looking base by painting my nails with a white textured polish and sponging brown paint over the top.

Then a first for me to freehand this, but it was really easy.

I wasn't expecting to like this look on my nails, but was super happy with them. Would you wear this? Thanks to Narmai for the inspiration, and click here for the main Wiki'd hub page.
Thanks for reading, and till next time stay safe and much love...

Monday 22 June 2015

Mondays Mani

Polka Dots and Stamping 

Hello lovelies, I'm so sorry I haven't posted in a while, but life has dumped on me just lately, and I'd like to say remember to tell loved ones you love them as life is too short..
Anyway as I didn't like what I did on my nails on Saturday, and took it straight off (that's why there was no blog post!) I thought I'd have another go today, and I actually like this! 
Used a pink and white polish, stamped with black, added water decals to the stamped nails and polka dots to the others. So simple to do..

Super pretty, even for me lol, but I love it. Hope you like it too, till next time stay safe and much love...

Friday 19 June 2015

New Nail Foil

From Charlies Nail Art 

Hello all, hope you've had a good week. Mine has been busy sorting out bits for my daughters 11th birthday at the end of this month. 
But back to my review. Charlies Nail Art has recently got some new nail foils in stock, in some super gorgeous designs. The one I have for you today is number 40, a pretty checkered red and silver holo pattern. The size of the foil measures 13 cm x 4 cm, so more than enough to do all 10 nails or toes, and leaving enough for an accent nail mani. For 39p this foil is perfect, you can see it here.

How pretty is this! To show to full effect of the colours in this foil I painted my nails white. Applied foil glue and then the foil. Watch my video to see how easy this foil is to apply.

And the finished look..

So the test was with the topcoat. Would the foil crackle? The answer is no :)

And all round super nail foil, pretty design, applies like a dream and topcoat doesn't spoil the look.
Keep updated with Charlies Nail Art on FacebookInstagram and Twitter, and join me next Friday for another review.
Stay safe and much love..

Thursday 18 June 2015

Wiki'd Nail Challenge

Random Choice 

So for today's Wiki'd Challenge we had a random choice of any Wikipedia page. Hope you are all well, let's see what I chose to do.
As Monday was 800 years since the Magna Carta  came about, I thought why not do a mani inspired by this. A peace treaty signed all those years ago, and still stands today.
For my base I used a Nails Inc that came free with Instyle magazine, Sao Paulo Streets.

Then with a small piece of sponge I made a destressed look with the Beauty UK Yellow and Technic Nude polishes. The Collection in Moonlight Shine I used for stamping.

I stamped the bottom left writing, and matte top coated to give an authentic look.

I love an oldy worldy look on nails, there's something about how it looks. Hope you like these, if you ever want to recreate any of my mani's,  feel free...all I ask is you give me credit, and you can post photos on my Facebook page. Also don't forget the Main hub page, where you can see all the Wiki nails.
Stay safe and much love

Friday 12 June 2015

A Day at the Beach

3D Seashell Decals

Hi all, the weather in the UK just recently has been weird as always, but the sun made a welcome appearance and just perfect for these 3D Seashell decals from Charlies Nail Art.

10 pastel seashells, 2 of each colour for 95p and you can find them here. The range of 3D nail art that Charlies Nail Art has means there is something for everyone. Take a look.
So with these decals and the sun shining just made me think of the beach, when I used to hunt for seashells as a kid.
I made a gradient mani to represent the sea and sand, and added a white spotted water marble over the top.

Then applied the seashells to each nail with clear polish.

They are a perfect size for nails, so cute and perfect colours that go so well with this beach gradient.
As always you can find Charlies Nail Art on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.
And don't forget my 10% Off discount code.

Till next time stay safe and much love...

Thursday 11 June 2015

Wiki'd Nail Challenge


Hello all, hope you are well. So its time for another Wiki'd Challenge and oh boy this one really had me thinking.  I had 2 attempts painting bridges on my nails, and being too self critical took it straight off! Put my thinking cap on again, thinking out the box when it came to me. A bridge isn't just a clever idea to get from one side to the other, but it's also a card game ! So with that in mind I have painted playing cards on my nails.
Starting with a white matte base, I freehand paint the details with black and red acrylic paint, and matte top coated again.

Admittedly not one of my greatest nail arts, yes here comes me being self critical lol.
But I do like these, and think it's a great nail art for the bridge challenge. You can see all the Wiki'd Challenges here.
And time to start thinking about the next one, so watch this space.
Till then, stay safe and much love...

Saturday 6 June 2015

Freehand Animal Print

Nails on Saturday 

Hello all, another weekend and another freehand nail art. Just recently I have been looking everywhere for inspiration for nail art. It's nice when there is a challenge as I have to put my thinking cap on, and reviews are good too. But when it comes to painting my nails on a Saturday I have no clue what to do. Back when I first started doing my nails, I only ever painted them on a Saturday, but just lately it's almost every day only on my swatching hand so on a weekend I like to paint both so at least my cindy hand looks good all week!
I've also been getting braver with freehand, especially painting with my non dominant hand. A while back I would never have attempted this. 
Then it came to me! I have a box full of those plastic swatch sticks and wheels that I first started trying nail art on. So I have a box of inspiration :)
For today's mani I started out with a super pretty pink base from Jess called Pretty in Pink. It took 3 coats but still lovely.

When totally dry I taped off parts of each nail and painted the tip white.

Top coated so the 2 colours wouldn't smudge, and armed with a detail brush and black acrylic paint, I painted leopard print on the pink and zebra/tiger on the white. To join together I added silver dots where the 2 colours met.

And my cindy hand..

Love this mani, and can see me doing more freehand now I seem to have mastered it. Though still some practice needed for certain nail arts.
What do you think?
Stay safe and much love...

Friday 5 June 2015

Charlies Nail Art

Loose Glitter Review 

Over the next few weeks I will be here every Friday with more reviews from Charlies Nail Art.  There is a great range of nail art accessories at fabulous prices, and an awesome customer service.
Let's take a look at what will I be sharing with you in the coming weeks..

First up is the bag of loose glitter. It's a 5g bag of fine nail art glitter that comes in 20 colours for 85p. The one I have is such a pretty colour, mainly gold and pink but I can see flecks of green/blue glitter which makes this really beautiful.

Loose glitter can be a pain as it goes everywhere! But the look on nails is super pretty that it makes the mess bearable. I painted my nails with 1 coat of gold. I applied the glitter with the second coat of gold polish. Tapped off the excess, and when the polish was dry I put my fingers under a slow running cold tap, and washed off the remaining glitter on my skin with the help of paint brush. This works so well for removing glitter, and super easy. I didn't topcoat the glitter as personally I think it looks better without.

So bling and sparkly, and I love the colour too. If you like this glitter or any other items you see I have a special 10% Off code for you all :)

Just enter BNM10 at the checkout. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is where you can keep updated with Charlies Nail Art
Thank you for stopping by and until next time stay safe and much love...