Sunday 5 May 2013

Revlon Nail Polish

Revlon Nail Polish

Total bargain buy :) All my Revlon nail polish, I have bought from Poundland. Out on a shopping trip to get my youngest daughter some new shoes for school, I thought I would just look in Poundland to see what new bits they had. To my amazement, quite a few nail polishes. As well as their own brand Chit Chat, they had Revlon and Sally Hansen. My local shopping centre has 2 Poundland shops, so I always look in both lol. So today I will share the Revlon I bought. The Sally Hansen will be another blog. 

From top left to bottom right: Sunshine Sparkle, Preview Pink, Lilac Pastelle, Stormy, Electric Pink, Emerald City, Make Mine Mango, No Shrinking Violet, Ruby Ribbon, Tangerine and Powder Puff. Total bargain for £1 each, when you think in Superdrug they are £6.49. So I picked up all the colours they had. 

These are all with two coats of polish. Preview Pink and Powder puff are so sheer, that with Powder Puff I painted it over a white polish base. Could see the matte suede finish better. Lovely polishes to apply. If you ever see these for £1, grab them lol


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