Saturday 30 January 2016

Smooshing Nail Art

Saturday Nails 

Just a quick post today doing a new to me technique that I believe is called 'Smooshing'. It's were you put drops of different coloured polish onto a stamper head and place on your nails.
So with my nails painted white and completely dry, I painted liquid latex around my nails to save on clean up.

Drops of Zoya Michelle and Barry M White onto a rectangular stamper head.

Stamped multiple times over each nail.

Peeled off the latex, cleaned up and top coated.

Not bad for a first attempt, I'm still thinking about stamping over the top.
What do you think?
Have a great weekend.
Stay safe and much love...

Friday 29 January 2016

Charlies Nail Art Review

Pearl Rivet Studs

Hello beautiful people. This post was long in the making as I kept putting it off!  I had no clue what was the best way to review these Rivet Studs from Charlies Nail Art, and was looking at them on and off every day. It wasn't until last night that it came to me and I knew what mani to do. 

For 39p you get 8 of the cream coloured studs. They are on the larger size than I've seen before, but equally pretty with a flat base to adhere to nails.

So I painted all my nails white and my ring finger pink, with striping tape I made thin stripes and painted with the other colour so pink on white and white on pink. Applying the studs with topcoat and added tiny dots on each stripe.

Although these are very pretty, and stuck firm to nails, they do stick up a fair bit, making them only wearable for a night out. But at only 39p you really can't go wrong. Use my 10 % discount code BNM10 at the checkout.

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Thursday 28 January 2016

Vivien Kondor Polishes

Mani and Stamping Test

So today I have an unplanned post, but something I've been wanting to do for a while. With polishes from Vivien Kondor, not only have I painted my nails but I've done a stamping test.
First to my nails. .
I started off with 2 coats of Dark Blush holographic. Shown here with no topcoat. 

 Then I can't say why but I topped with 1 coat of Sunset Gold holographic....

I love how this looked, still pink but with a gold touch. Again no topcoat.
To this I stamped with black and Pueen plate 119.

This then made me wonder how well the Vivien Kondor Polishes would stamp. So on paper here are the results.
Crimson and Scarlet are from the Water Permeable Collection £9.99 each. Beechwood Red is from the Pink Rose Collection £2.99 each. You can see they stamp well over white.

Blueberry, Strawberry and Wild Berries are all from the scented Bon Bon Collection £3.99 each. Again they stamp well especially if your after a delicate look.

Lastly Purple Haze, Dark Blush and Sunset Gold from the Holographic Collection £3.99 each. Another delicate look, but they do stamp.

So happy I tried this and even though they would all most probably only show over light or white polish, that they stamp.
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Till next time stay safe and much love...

Tuesday 26 January 2016

La Femme Disco Fluo Polishes

Rainbow Stamping 

So as I haven't been blogging as much just lately with life being life, and I've felt that the only nails I'm doing are for reviews, I wanted to do something bright and fun and for me!
The Disco Fluo Polishes from La Femme are super bright neon colours that glow under black light. 
I made a rainbow gradient over a white base to make the colours pop more.

Then I added some bling with Born Pretty Silver Holographic.

With black polish and this Born Pretty Plate.

And ended up with this..

I really like how this image looks over the rainbow.  Even though heavy handedly I smudged my thumb!
That's all for today, stay safe and much love. ..

Monday 25 January 2016

Moyou Nails Square Plate Review

Square Stamping Plate 408

Hello again, hope your weekend was a good one. Mine was a quiet one, which I was glad of as I'm not feeling to great waiting for news of my Dad's funeral. But I'm keeping myself busy with reviews. 
So today for Moyou Nails I have the next plate to show you all from the Square Plates. 408 has some super cute single images, that stamp perfectly. 

How sweet do they look! Perfect for a Summer mani, a party and much more. I have only done 2 mani's this time as I used a few images to create them.
First up I made a Summer inspired look stamped with various Moyou polishes.

After making the Pineapple decals, I wanted to use the cute animal images. So after painting them I applied one animal to each nail. The finished look is amazing,  I love this mani so much. But spoilt my thumb nail being too heavy handed!

How sweet is that snowman!  This plate is one of my favourites from this collection. 

Use my discount code below to get 20 % off any order using the code traceysp at the checkout. 

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Thanks so much for stopping by. 
Stay safe and much love...

Friday 22 January 2016

Charlies Nail Art Review

Full Nail Water Decals 

Today's review for Charlies Nail Art is on some very easy to use Full Nail Water Decals. I think these are one of the quickest ways to get a beautiful mani. These Brown Plait water decals are only 99p on Charlies Nail Art website and come in various different designs. They are great for long or short nails.

As you can see you get 14 different sizes for all your nails, you could even use these on your toes!
I cut out the ones that fitted my nails and held them in warm water. I find that works better in the colder months.

 They slid from the backing really easy.
They would have fitted my nails before I filed them shorter (due to having to patch a nail for a split) so even if you have short nails you could cut the decal in half for 2 nails....result!

Cut the excess with scissors and cleaned the rest with acetone and my clean up brush. Top coated and done.

No need for a base colour, just base coat to protect my nails from the water when applying the decal. So simple yet a stunning look and way to get beautiful looking nails.
For these or anything else on Charlies Nail Art website, use my discount code below to get 10 % off your order.

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Stay safe and much love...