Wednesday 8 May 2013

Nail Art Goodies :)

Nail art Stickers, Rhinestones and Fimo pieces

Hello all :) Just a short post today. I'm going to share with you, the last of my nail art accessories, (least I think so lol). Again, things I've seen, thought looked pretty, so bought them. Have used rhinestones, and some nail art stickers before, but not very often. The Fimo canes come in all sorts of different shapes and designs, but I like the flowers and butterflies best. But still to use these on my nails. I bought the ready cut fimo pieces, as I knew trying to cut really thin slices myself, would result in a trip to A & E ha ha. All these items I'm about to show you have all been purchased from ebay, apart from the butterfly fimo pieces, and the colour shapes pictured with the rhinestones, they came from Poundland. 

Would really love some feedback. Let me know what you think of my blog, and if your enjoying it.


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