Saturday 29 November 2014

W7 Polish Review

Tiffany and It's Christmas

Hey guys again I'm here with another review. This time two polishes that W7 sent me, called Tiffany and It's Christmas.

Tiffany is a pretty cream lightish Jade Green polish, and It's Christmas is a clear base packed full of red, green and silver hexagon and bar glitter. Christmas in a bottle!!

I started out with two coats of Tiffany. Great application, and it smoothed out as it dried leaving a smooth shiny finish. Drying time was quick to the touch, and opaque in two coats.

How lush does this look, and a great colour for the Spring. You can also see the colour is the same indoors and outside. I then topped this with It's Christmas, dabbing the brush over my nail to get more glitter.

I was pleasantly surprised how well these two polishes went together. Then I had an idea to paint my ring finger with black polish and re-apply the glitter.

I must admit out of the two polishes, Tiffany is my favourite, a lovely cream polish, I'm not a lover of glitter polish, but I do like how It's Christmas looks over the green. They both applied nice, dried quickly, and no overpowering smell. 
You can follow W7 on Facebook, and Twitter. They often run competitions, for make up and nail polish prizes.
I'll be back on Monday with my first Christmas nails for a Nail Art Challenge I joined on Facebook. And so begins the hectic month of so many different manicures and blog posts...
Till then stay safe and much love...

Thursday 27 November 2014

A2Z The letter E is for...


Hello again, and welcome to another Thursday and another letter in the A2Z Nail series. You can look at all the beautiful mani's for this challenge, on the main hub page
So E for Elegant, and what to do??
Elegant for me means something regal, beautiful, sophisticated and stylish. So know idea!!
Then it came to me, so this is what I did...

Painted my nails with 2 coats of Accessorize in Ivory Lace, and matte topcoated it. 

Then stamped the delicate floral image using MeMeMe in Seductive and Konad m71. I have had this plate for a few years and you can see the scratches made with the Konad scraper! Now I use an old card, but the images still stamp well. I matte topcoated again, as I find this doesn't smudge the stamped image.

With black acrylic paint I painted an oval on my ring finger. Can you guess where I'm going with this mani?

With white acrylic paint I carefully painted a silhouette, and attracted the tiny half pearls.

I love the final look, and I think they are very elegant ( for me anyway!) Hope you like them too, I would love to hear your thoughts on this mani.

Stay safe and much love..

Wednesday 26 November 2014

New Stamping Plates

Saving the Pennies..

Good evening all, I was going to save this post till tomorrow,  but wanted to share with you all the new stamping plates I got today. Delivery was about three weeks from the ebay seller from China. They are cheaper copies of Moyou plates, and this has caused a bit of flaf on Facebook,  but if like me and you have to watch the pennies when your shopping, then these are a good buy. The only difference with these is they come without a plastic backing. But saying that they still look etched really well. These are the 3 I bought..

My cindy hand had the privilege of testing these plates, and I used these polishes for stamping and painting my nails.

I used all the plates, and can say they are really nice and stamp well. I have started to matte topcoat my nails as I've found the stamped image doesn't smear or smudge. Then I add a shiny topcoat. I took photos of both finishes...

I did find however normal nail polish remover cleaned the plates, but I could still make out the colour polish I stamped with.  So I tried acetone and it cleaned them properly. You can see how well they stamp :)
Hope you find this post helpful, and as I said earlier I have to shop on a budget and happy I got these.
I will also like to say as we are close to December, I have lots a mani's I'll be doing, so my blog posts may be all over the place lol.
Until next time as always stay safe and much love. .

Monday 24 November 2014

Miss Sporty Goodies

Miss Sporty Peel off Base, 

Holographic and Textured Polish.

Hello lovelies, hope you had a great weekend. I sure did, what a cracking last F1 race, and a well deserved winner!!
Back to nails now, and my review for Miss Sporty Polishes. I was sent their Peel off Base, the 4 Fantasy Holographic polishes and 2 3D Textured polishes.

 Holographic Effect - A dream come Blue (040)

 Holographic Effect - Whiting Dream (010)

 Holographic Effect - Electron Pink (030)

 Holographic Effect - Stealusion (020)

 3D Texture - Pink Boom (065)

 3D Texture - Rose Galaxy (064)

The Peel off base instructions say to apply generously and wait until the white base becomes transparent, the paint your nails with polish.
Please excuse my naked and patched nails, but I thought it would be good to see how this peel off base also worked if your nails were patched. So I painted  my nails and waited about 10 mins.

And you can see how it becomes clear as it dries.

My index and middle finger are both patched due to splits, but I can still see that the peel off base has dried.
Then I painted each nail with the Holographic Effect polish.

All very pretty colours and very sparkly when light hit them. The holographic effect comes from the glitter within the polish, and great coverage with two coats. The application was much easier than holo polishes, with no dragging or streaking. The drying time was quick too.
So these were painted yesterday, and I was very dubious that the peel off base would actually work, that I took a video to show you all too...

I was really surprised how well the peel off base worked. The polish came off so well and left hardly nothing on my nails. A bit of polish remover and totally clean nails!!

The 3D texture polish was also a nice application, and quick drying time. The lightest of the 2 pinks was more opaque with two coats, and the darker pink looked different on just the peel off base to the patched nail with the peel off base on. But both pretty colours, but if I had to pick I do like the baby pink one :) The darker of the two has a more glitter effect. A smooth textured feel and a very nice polish.
Again the removal with the peel off base was really easy and effective.

So if you hate removing glitter, shimmer, holographic or textured polish I would really really recommend you go get some of this Peel off Base polish. I give it 10 out of 10.

These polishes were sent to me to review, but you can buy them now from Superdrug

I have also done a video showing how I patch my nails, you can watch that here.

Thanks for stopping by, as always stay safe and much love...

Saturday 22 November 2014

Formula 1 Nails

Last F1 for this season

So I have done a special manicure as I'm an avid F1 fanatic! Hello to you all, I will still be doing my review on Miss Sporty Peel off base, new holographic and texture polishes, but as I only got them today, I'll be starting my review tomorrow.
Anyway back to today's nails. Another inspiration manicure, from a photo I saw on Google. A chequered flag and flower nail art. So after painting my nails white, I stamped the chequered image using Konad Black and Cheeky plate CH3.

I was then going to add flower water decals, but the ones I liked didn't show over the black squares. So I made some stamping decal flowers, and used MUA in Cherry Blossom to colour the flowers. I stuck them with clear nail polish and applied them to the sides of each nail.

Not exactly what I was planning, but the only way I could get the flowers to show up over the black squares. But I still like them, and think it's a different look for the last F1 of this season. I'm team Hamilton, and been waiting for this race with double points, for the last few weeks. 
Well whatever your doing this weekend have a good one, and I'll be back next week with review. So till then stay safe and much love...

Thursday 20 November 2014

A2Z Nails Week 4

A2Z and D is for Dark..

Another Thursday and another A2Z Nails challenge, you can find all the other lovely bloggers manicures here on the main hub page for this challenge. So D for dark... well I actually wanted to do something on my nails last week and had no clue on what to do. In the end I did a simple gradient mani, with a twist and it wasn't till I looked at the next letter in the challenge that I realised it would be perfect.
The twist with this gradient is that I have used two colours, black and purple and the gradient goes from black to purple and back to black again. The black was Nails Inc. New York Noir and the Purple from Filthy Gorgeous called Pulp.

Now I do like the glossy look, but I also added a matte topcoat just to see what a different look I would get.

The purple seems to show up more with the glossy finish, but can still be seen with the matte.
Which one do you prefer? I'd love to know..

Well till next time, thanks for stopping by and stay safe, much love..