Tuesday 29 November 2016

VB Line New Polish Collections

Frosted Matte

Hi guys, I didn't post yesterday as I was busy preparing for this post, on VB Line 
next regular polish collection. Again like the other sets I've swatched, these Frosted Matte polishes come in a set of 24 shades for £12.99 on VB Line's eBay page. Cute square bottles that are 8ml in size, and a great selection of colours. 
So here are my first 12 swatches, all with 2 coats and no topcoat as these have a matte finish.












These were slightly thicker than regular polish, which if applied correctly would make each of them a one coater. Application however was a bit hit and miss with some. As they dried to a matte finish quickly, I found the finish looked streaky. Some looked better once the 2nd coat was applied, others caused no problems at all. I did find quick light strokes worked best. The brown with golden shimmer (012) is beautiful, and I think if a matte or glossy top coat was applied over the top, this would smooth the final look.
I did try stamping with them, but as they dried quickly it was a no no.
Still great value and low to no odour. I'll have the final 12 swatches sometime this week.
Stay safe and much love....

Sunday 27 November 2016

Born Pretty Store

Stamping Plate Review 

I don't normally post on a Sunday, but with so many things that need doing and the weeks just flying past, here I am! 
This plate is my last review from the items I was sent from Born Pretty Store. 
It had full nail images that are Mandela inspired. 

BP L052 is perfect for stamping directly on you nails, but awesome for reverse stamped 5. For 2 of my 3 mani's I did make decals, with different images and colours.

For my final look, I stamped over foil. I'm In person this looks truly Stunning, but was too hard to capture the true beauty.

This is an amazing plate and etched perfectly. I'm sure going to use this plate many times :)
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Stay safe and much love...

Friday 25 November 2016

Charlies Nail Art Review

Jewellery Box Nails

Hi guys, just a quick post today, as my daughter had another 2 teeth out yesterday in preparation for her braces, and needs some mummy love! 
When I saw these Dancing girl decals from
Charlies Nail Art I had no idea of the best way to wear them. After a few days of thinking I came up with an idea. You all must have seen or either had a jewellery box, that when you opened it a pretty ballerina moved round in a circle to music. 
This is what I have tried to recreate on my nails, minus the music of course!

You get 40 decals for only 49p. So I started with a pink fluffy cheese gel polish, and freehand painted a mirror with silver mirror polish. Carefully placed a dancing girl with a few dots of clear polish and done.

It was super hard to capture as the shine from the mirror polish, plus the shimmer from the decals. But a super pretty and girly mani.  I'm so happy how my thought transpired onto my nails.
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Next Friday I'll have another Christmas mani using some very pretty gems.
Stay safe and much love...

Thursday 24 November 2016

VB Line new polish collections

VB Glazy 

Hello and welcome to my second post on VB Line new Glazy polish collection. VB Glazy come in sets of 24 colours for £12.99 on their EBay page. Today I have the last 12 swatches and again another great selection of creme, shimmer and metallic finishes. So let's start..












8ml bottles full of very pigmented polishes. Great coverage with just one coat, although I did 2 and a topcoat. Drying time to the touch was fairly quick, and even without a topcoat the finish was stunning. My personal favourites from these 12 have to be the gorgeous Royal Blue (060) and the stunning warm Chestnut Brown (144)
Again another awesome set of polishes at a great price.
My next 12 swatches will be sometime next week with VB Frosted Matte polishes.
Stay safe and much love...