Wednesday 30 April 2014

Pink for Wedneday

On Wednesday's we wear Pink

Hello friends, I have found the time to paint my nails again! Today is the 10th anniversary of the film Mean Girls, and to celebrate this today (as its also a Wednesday) is being called 'On Wednesday's we wear Pink'. I have seen the film loads and watched it the other night with my daughter without even realising how long ago it was made! So for my Pink nails I had sided with the 'Plastics!' Wearing a super bright almost neon Barbie pink, an untried and fairly new purchase from Sinful Colours called 24/7. I loved the colour in the bottle when I saw it in Boots, and as they were on 3 for 2 I could resist. So here it is, two coats over white and no topcoat..

The sun took the brightness away from the true colour!

In the shade wasn't much better even though it still looks a pretty pink.

My camera on my phone managed to capture the truest shade but still not a perfect match.

Please excuse the slice on the side of my thumb (due to bookmaking!) Dried with an almost matte finish as still not topcoated, and I'm not normally one to leave my nails plain but I love this colour so much I will not be adding anything to them! If you love pink nail polish and haven't got this one I would totally recommend you get it..
Thanks for reading and till next time stay safe and much love.

Other Pink Nails for Mean Girls 10th Anniversary:

Tuesday 29 April 2014

It's ready!!

My Book on Water Marbling Nails

No nails today, I'm still wearing my Black and White manicure! I have written in a few previous post about my book on Water Marbling Nails. Well I'm happy to announce that the book is ready!! It's taken me a while to put all together, marbling my own nails and tons of photos, and writing, but I have so enjoyed doing it. I'm printing and putting them together myself as I didn't realise how much even to self publish a book cost, and with circumstances here its money I haven't got. 
I made the first 5 as proper books, it was very time consuming and a lot of work to get them perfect.

I wanted a quicker way of putting them together, so now making as a flip over book. 

I start from the very basics, and show how to draw different patterns in the polish. Even how to make water marble stickers!
A sneak peak of  a few pictures inside the book..

They are £6 and free P&P within the UK. I also have a PDF downloadable link which is £5, which I mainly created for any international ladies that are interested. If you would like a copy or the PDF link please private message me on facebook.
Hope you like this post, would love to hear your thoughts, feel free to leave me a comment :)
I'm hoping to have some time to do a new mani before Saturday, but working on my book is taking all my spare time. So till next time stay safe and much love...

Saturday 26 April 2014

White and Black

Plain Nails for a Change

Happy Saturday everybody, its hard to believe that tomorrow my blog is officially 1 year old! Thank you to everyone who has supported me for this first year :) So for today I have done a very simple stamping manicure, just using two colours. I wanted to do something plain for a change just to see what it looked like on my nails. So I started by painting one coat of French White by Jess from Poundland.

Then with Konad Black polish I stamped roses from QA44 and with swirl pattern from MoYou Princess Collection plate 9.

Happy with how they look, but a bit disappointed that the black polish didn't stamp in a solid colour. This could be down to me, but I don't seem to get on with the black Konad polish like I do with the others I have. Then another mistake, I picked up the wrong topcoat and smudged the design just a bit on my pinky nail :( But overall I like this black and white pattern, for something different. What do you think?

I'm off now to print my first ever copy of my book on Water Marbling Nails :) 
Stay safe and much love..

Wednesday 23 April 2014

Rainbow Water Marble

Touch the Rainbow, Taste the Rainbow

Hello all again! I'm here with another food inspired manicure. If you guessed by the title, its about the sweets Skittles. I have seen a few mani's for these sweets and as always wanted to do mine differently. So I have done a rainbow water marble.

So choosing my seven rainbow polishes as in the childhood song, 'red and yellow and pink and green, orange and purple and blue!' All from the same brand that is not only cheap but spreads in the water really well.

I <3 NY, Lemon Cream, Perpetual Peony, Hint of Mint, Timeless Tangerine, Late Night Lilac and Teal Til the End.

Here is the finished look with no topcoat.

And with topcoat...

Such an easy water marble with great end results :) This water marble features in my book, but you lucky people got a sneak peek!! Feel free to leave me a comment :)
Stay safe and much love...

Tuesday 22 April 2014

Food Inspired Nails

Yummy Sweets

I really wasn't planning on doing my nails today, but as I am joining in with Food Inspired Nails on Facebook, I've been wanting to do this nail art for ages! Its inspired on two things, not only sweets that I like, Jelly Beans and Jazzies, you know those chocolate buttons with hundreds and thousands on them :) Have you guessed it yet? The other thing is its the most annoying game that I used to play on Facebook!! Yes Candy Crush Saga. 
I swatched a new polish as well from a new range by Collection called Work The Colour. The shade I used is called Baby Blue. A beautiful polish, nice size brush and great application. This is only one coat and no top coat.

I painted a thin white line around the outside of each nail, and added small pink lines.

Then with acrylic paint I added the sweets, random on each nail. This is with no topcoat.

It still amazes me how adding a topcoat not only smooths the acrylic paint, but makes the design come to life!

For a quickly painted nail art that wasn't planned, I'm liking these very much :) What do you think?
Stay safe and Much love...

Saturday 19 April 2014

Saturday Nails Take 2

Pastel Polka Dots

Yes I'm back, that neon flowers were bugging me so much that I removed them and did another mani. This time in pastel colours and really what I had in mind to do first of all. So I suppose That's what happens when you change your mind right at the last minute!! And this is my 200th post!!

Natural Days, Frozen Yoghurt, Bold Blue, I <3 U and Pistachio Iceream

So after painting each nail with a different MUA Polish, I used the same polish and did polka dots on each nail. So the dots were different to the base polish colour.

I like these so much better. Maybe it's a bit too early for neon polish and I need more of a sun tan! These polishes are amazing for quality, application and how the colours work so well together. Feel free to leave a comment, I reply to anyone who does :)

Thanks for reading and until next time stay safe and much love...

Easter Flowers

Neon Flowers Nails

Hello all again! Just a quick post today, as I have done my nails but not sure if I like them. I wanted to do another Easter manicure, but also be a bit different with it. So I have done some freehand flower nails but neon instead of pastel shade. I used Hedy's Manishma Matte Neon Bright Polish for this mani.

Bolts of Blue, Nuclear Pink, Rocket Green, High Voltage and Lightening
Started with a white base, and painted random size and coloured flowers on each nail. Looked ok while I was doing it, but then when I had finished and topcoated them, I really didn't like them! Not sure if its the neon colours or that I had a different look in mind and it never turned out like that. Would really love some feedback of this, even if like me and you're not that keen on them. Let's have a look....

Totally undecided in what to do with this mani, so there might even be a second post today! Have a wonderful Easter Weekend, whatever you might be doing :)
Stay safe and much love...

Friday 18 April 2014

Reviews and Swatches

Polish Swatches and Thinner Review

Happy Good Friday to you all :) This is the second of two posts today, yes I have been very busy swatching 7 new polishes I was lucky enough to buy yesterday, but also trying out for the first time a nail polish thinner I got from Amazon. So lets start with the polishes first, these are what I bought, from three different pound shops.

Starting with the Pink Tease Neons first, I knew these would have a strong smell but I was swayed by the colours. Application was nice, but the yellow needed three coats. Drying time wasn't to bad, and as I thought they did smell, but the colour is amazing over a white base. No names or numbers for these polishes either!

Such bright and vibrant colours. Although the photos show it as an orangey shade, it is more red. The yellow also looked green at certain angles, and the blue is just awesome!! All two coats, apart from the yellow, as I said that needed 3 and no topcoat.

Next up another two Spoiled by Wet 'n' Wild.

Mind your own Beeswax and Violet Femmes
Yellow not being a colour I normally wear on its own, but as these were doubled bagged, so 50p each, I couldn't leave them in the shop! Tried something different while swatching these two. I have painted my pinky and ring finger with just a basecoat on the nail, middle finger I painted white, and pointing finger I painted black. I wanted to see how this polish looked layered and alone.

  Violet Femmes first. Very sheer own its own and would need more than two coats as I painted to make the bottle shade. A very nice baby pink over white, but its over the black that I think this polish comes to life! Almost a duo colour effect.

Mind your own Beeswax again would need at least three coats on a natural nail. Very bright over a white base, and just a no no over the black, well for me anyway. Application for both of these was really nice and drying time too.

Last but by no means least two from Filthy Gorgeous. 

Pulp and Heavy Metal
I have a few of these that I have seen in poundland, and at that price they are a real bargain from the normal retail price! As soon as I painted Pulp, a rich purple I was in love.....such a beautiful colour. Take a look.

Two coats and no topcoat. A beautiful glossy finish and an amazing colour. Great application and drying time. I wanted to see what this would look like with a matte topcoat.

Changes the shade of colour slightly, but gives a suede effect rather than a matte one. Still looking awesome though :)

Now onto the Nail Polish Thinner. The first time I have ever tried one and took me a while to choose what one to buy as there are plenty different ones around. I've also heard that some can contain some not so good ingredients! The one I found on Amazon is called Sparitual and is Vegan friendly. The two main ingredients in this one was the main reason I bought it.

So I quickly tried it out on a La Femme White that had gone all thick and gloopy. It says to add 1 to 2 drops of this thinner and add more if needed. So first time trying I added 4 drops and shook the polish. It was hard to catch in a photo how thick this polish had become.

After adding just 4 drops and shaking, and the polish was so much better, and really like new :) This product didn't really have a strong smell to it although it does say to use in a well ventilated area. So happy with this buy and will last me for ages if all I need is 4 drops at a time when needed.

Well that's all for today. Got to think what to do on my nails for tomorrow lol. Thanks for reading, stay safe and much love...