Monday 6 May 2013

Eye Shadow nails

Eye Shadow nails

I saw a nail art design by Robin Moses using sparkly eye shadow called Disco Easy Party Nails. Was inspired to try this myself :) The only bright coloured eye shadow belonged to my youngest daughter. It was the MUA Poptastic Palette. She let me use it to try on a nail wheel to see how it looked, and until I could get my own lol.

Not a bad result, and used Jessie's Girl in Fire Fly as a top coat. Now as this wasn't loose eye shadow, it still came out well. I looked on ebay and found some loose eye shadow pots, by Constance Carroll Glitzy Eye Dust, 6 in all for about £3. But when I got them 2 of the colours where the same :( so I only ended up with 4 colours. Found another 2 in Savers for a £1 each by Collection 2000. But I was also after some bright neon eye shadow, and as I knew the compacted ones also worked, I got a cute little palette by W7.

So now I had my own :) I couldn't wait to try the design I'd seen Robin Moses do. Wasn't only using eye shadow, which you use foil glue to help stick to the nail, but some free hand nail art stripes too. So earlier this year, when we had snow, I had a go, and took the photo outside, with my hand over the snow. Was really cold, but made such a beautiful backdrop, for such a pretty nail art. Take a look :)

I admit I went a bit crazy with the stripes lol, once I got going I couldn't stop ha ha. But all in all I was very pleased with this one. I normally keep my nail art on for a week, and do a new one every Saturday. Didn't want to take this off!! Let me know what you think :)


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