Wednesday 1 May 2013

Chit Chat Nail Polish

Chit Chat Nail Polish

Chit Chat is a brand of make up sold in Poundand. I bought the glitter nail polish, and four from the colour range that I liked the best, Blue, Purple Lime and Pink. The colours are nothing out of the ordinary, and look very muted in the bottles, however as soon as they are painted on to nails they come alive :) They are so bright and punchy, in your face colours. Nice to apply, no streaking, you could possibly get away with just one coat. I swatched them all using only one coat. The glitters I got in Violet, Silver, Pink, Copper, Ariel and Gold. They have small and medium size glitter in a clear base. Swipes off easily when painted on nails, so best to dab onto the nail. The only thing I don't like about the glitter is the smell! It is so so strong and not very nice. But for a bargain buy of £1, and nice colours, I'll hold my breath when I use these lol. They do sell a rainbow glitter called Rio, but sadly Poundland didn't have this in stock. I was able to get one by Technic called Carnival from ebay. A different colour and size glitter, in a clear base. The only thing that I can see different with this glitter is the name. The bottle and smell are exactly the same as the Chit Chat glitters.

They nail polish just rock. If you can find them, then buy them :) 


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