Tuesday 31 October 2017

Moyou Nails Fashion

Pop Art Stam,ping

Hello again, following on from my previous post on Moyou Nails Fashion New XL rectangular stamping plates, I'm here with another and if you love Pop Art then this plate is for you. 
These images on Urban 3 are a nice size with a good mix of expressions and styles. For my nails I added some dots in different colours of my dry white base, then with Moyou Nails Black I stamped directly on my nails. Finished with a matte top coat.

Now I'm not sure in the image stamped over the yellow dots is a spelling mistake or it's actually meant to say 'grash!' But it still adds to the cute and easy pop art look I created.
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Stay safe and much love.....

Monday 30 October 2017

Born Pretty Store

Flakie Polish

Hi guys, so how was your weekend? Mine was a quite relaxing one, as back to my usual routine from today, plus had a surprise visit from my daughter which was really nice.
I also received my next items from Born Pretty Store in super quick time!
So what better way than to start a new week with a Born Pretty review!
I have a gorgeous Chameleon Flakie Polish in M004 The Diva Dance.
The colour shift from green to purple to a rusty gold is just amazing and I found this flakie polish was best when layered over a black base colour. I applied 2 coats then my fast dry topcoat.

It was super hard to capture the true beauty of this polish, but the application was smooth even though the brush was jam packed full of flakies. I found myself waving my hands around just mesmerized by the shift!
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Stay safe and much love.....

Friday 27 October 2017

Charlies Nail Art

Water Decals 

So I'm sure by now you're aware Charlies Nail Art stocks an amazing range of different nail art items, and the new look website makes it much easier to navigate and have a browse.
Hello Friday and hello to you all!
99p will get you a sheet full of Black swallow bird singular water decals.
The thing I like about these decals is you can use as many or as few as you like, and place them exactly how you want on your nails. I cut a square from the corner and soaked in water for about 20 seconds, then removed the decals one by one with tweezers. I found this the easiest way.

I really like the different style and size of the birds, and how they show up even over a darker polish. If you don't fancy a full on Halloween mani, these are perfect as they still look sort of spooky.
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Thursday 26 October 2017

Moyou Nails Fashion

New Stamping Plates

Hi beautiful readers. Another week almost over, can't say I've done much with my week off, but looking forward to the weekend!
So Moyou Nails Fashion have been slowly releasing new items. Their peel off polishes were first, and now over the coming weeks I have some of their new rectangular stamping plates and some other bits.
Today I have had fun testing out Bridal 1.
Some very pretty singular images that would create some beautiful bride and bridesmaid wedding nails perfect for all year round. But saying this, you could use this plate to create a stunning mani for any occasion. I wanted to have some fun with this plate, and first up a simple white and blue stamped China plate inspired nails.

The scribble heart reminded me of graffiti, and I absolutely love this look. Freehand painted the wall effect and added some silver rhinestones. Both these looks were made using Moyou Nails Fashion Polishes, which are great for a base colour and stamping.

So now to my final bridal inspired mani..
With a punky neutral base I stamped in white to give an elegant and delicate look.

Such a pretty and versatile plate full of amazing designs and perfect for any season.
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Stay safe and much love.....

Wednesday 25 October 2017

Nicole Diary

Square Stamping Plates

So it's full steam ahead here, hello to you all, grab a drink, sit back and I hope you enjoy this post on 2 square stamping plates from Nicole Diary. These plates came in a set of 12.
These are the two I used today.
ND 110 has 6 full nail geometrical images in a nice size. For my first mani I wanted to try something I've seen done with gel polish and chrome pigment, but with regular polish. So I painted my black base colour, added my tacky top coat then stamped with black polish. Gently applied a rose gold chrome, dusted off excess, to reveal the pigment had just stuck to the tacky layer.
You can check out my quick video tutorial on my Instagram. I know I could have just applied the chrome and then stamped, but I was curious this technique would work.
Next up over a white base, I stamped these gradient triangles. This plate is so versatile, with some very pretty designs.

ND 114 is full of singular images, that remind me of under the sea plant life. Again another pretty and versatile plate.
For this mani I used a very pale lemon polish and stamped various parts of this plate in a dusky pink polish, then finished with a matte top coat.

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Thank you for stopping by and as always stay safe, much love....

Tuesday 24 October 2017

IZ Beauty of London

Purple Rain

Hi guys, hope I find you all well on this Tuesday. I'm good, the kittens are doing well and I can't believe they are almost a week old! Here's proud mummy and her 3 little mini me fur babies ♡
My all time favourite song is Prince Purple Rain, so this final review for IZ Beauty of London is on a loose pot of glitter also named Purple Rain.
I love how versatile these glitters are, I mean you can pour over wet polish, or mix with Clear clear polish and paint over your nails. For my look I paired this glitter with a little purple gel effect polish Wisteria Lane. Mixing some with clear polish, I layered a thicker full nail coverage glitter on 2 nails, then a thinner more watered down look. Top coated with
Plumpy gel effect topcoat.

Both full and sheer coverage with this glitter looks fab, and works so well with the pastel purple base polish. Applying the glitter in this way, I found easier as not only is it less messy, the larger glitters lay flatter, and you don't waste any glitter. Just a shame it's so dull and murky today, as this would look amazing in the sun.
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Stay safe and much love.....

Monday 23 October 2017

Revel Nail

Thermal Dip Powder

Hi everyone, how was your weekend? Mine was a quiet one, which was nice and relaxing. These dipping powders from Revel Nail come in a great variety of colours, and today I have a new to me thermal mood changing dip powder! I was so dubious as to how well this would work, and I can honestly say the result is amazing.. 
I have the shade Crux.
I used this powder on my cindy hand, following on from my removal video on youtube. Application is the same as my previous dip powder posts. This is the 'cool' shade of this powder, a creme grey.
 You can see the slight colour change by my cuticles.
I quickly dipped my hand in some hot water, to try and show the beautiful neutral pink 'hot' shade.
And total colour shift in this pic.
Such a fun dip powder with a drastic thermal shift, check out my Instagram to see my quick video.
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Stay safe and much love.....

Friday 20 October 2017

Charlies Nail Art

Halloween Glitter

Well I made it to Friday! And yay as half term is next week 😊
So as you most probably are aware, Friday is the day for my regular Charlies Nail Art revierevie, and today I have another item from their Halloween range. 
Hocus Pocus is a loose glitter mix that's exclusive to Charlies Nail Art, and is a stunning mix of fine and chunky glitters in purple, green and black and is only 75p for a 4g bag.
I went for a full coverage mani with this glitter. Now you could apply over a base colour, but I opted to leave this and use a clear polish. Then pour the glitter over to adhere to the wet polish. Dusted off excess and when dry I top coated. If you wanted a more textured feel you could leave the last top coat.
Such a stunning blend of glitters that look amazing with or without topcoat. And super sparkly in the sun.
This glitter mix would also look great as an accent or ombre to make a special Halloween mani.
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Thursday 19 October 2017

Revel Nail

Dipping Powder

Well what a day yesterday was! I'm absolutely shattered, as must my cat be, she had 3 tiny black and white babies! Pics coming soon....
Back to today's quick post, as need I to sort a few things out after not able to do anything yesterday! 
I have some stunning coloured dipping powders from Revel Nail to share with you all over the coming weeks. 
So check out my video to see the goodies and how to use them...
This is how the Isla looks, so beautiful and I had a perfect Halloween mani in mind! So easy to use with the Starter Kit, which you'll see in my video.

Although this shade reminded me of a sandy beach, it also got me thinking of Halloween Mummies. So I freehand painted using black
acrylic paint, and added a matte top coat.

Such a fun and cute look! FacebookInstagram
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Stay safe and much love....