Tuesday 7 May 2013

2 True Crystal Nail Polish

2 True Crystal Nail Polish

2 True is a brand of make up that is sold only in Superdrug. They cost £1.99 each, but you can get any three  items for £5.00. There are only four colours in this nail polish, that come in shades, sadly no names. Its beautifully shiny and sparkly, somewhat glittery, but I would say micro glitter. Glides onto the nails nicely, so not like normal glitter nail polish, that you find yourself having to dab on. No streaking, and no need for any form of nail art is needed over these. They are just awesome on their own. But again that is a personal preference. 

Shade 1 is a lovely shade of blue, shade 2, a nice bright red, Shade 3, a gorgeous green, just right for Christmas time, and finally shade 4, a beautiful, beautiful purple. This one is my favourite from all four colours.

Swatched with one coat of polish, shame the sun wasn't shining to show the full shiny effect of these nail polishes. I will try and get another photo, as I really want to share their beauty with you all. If you have these, please comment below, and tell me what's your favourite colour, and what you think of them, as a cheaper range of polish.


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