Friday 3 May 2013

Striping Tape and Acrylic Paint

Striping Tape and Acrylic Paint

Was intrigued by nail art striping tape, so had to get some. The bundle I got had a multitude of rainbow colours, black, white, silver and gold. My first attempt at using them failed miserably. So thin and broke easily, and when I lost the end, oh my it was impossible to find it again! So put them away, for a while. Till I was ready to try again. I wanted to try a stained glass window effect on my nails, using acrylic paint, as I find this easier to work with than nail polish when painting designs on my nails. I got my acrylic paint from an art shop called Rymans. a brand called Royal and Langnickel.
99p for a 59ml bottle, I think this is just the right size. Was treated to some for Christmas :)

Its a nice quality paint, just the right consistency, not to thick or runny, and paints well even over black nail polish. So after sometime I decided to give the striping tape another go, and try a stained glass window effect. Painted my nails with two coats of La Femme Black nail Polish, and when it was completely dry, cut strips of the striping tape. This time round found it much easier to work with. Not sure if that's as I was cutting the strips, so I had them all ready to use, instead of as I needed them. Placed them on my nails in a sort of criss cross pattern, and painted a different colour acrylic paint in each gap. Carefully pulled the striping tape off to reveal a thin black line of polish separating each colour block. Easier to do this way, than trying this free hand. Top coat to finish, and job done :)

I wanted to get some neon acrylic paint, but was very hard to find all the colours I wanted, for a price that suited my budget. I found these cute little pots from Cuddly Buddly . By DecoArt Americana, 6 little pots for £2.69, and £1.60 p&p, and all the neon colours I was after. My daughter eldest daughter bought them for me as a surprise :) They are wicked neon colours.


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