Friday 24 May 2013

Sally Hansen Bargains

Sally Hansen Nail Polish

Hello, just a quick post today as I managed to get some more Sally Hansen nail polish :) Two from Poundland, and two from a market stall for £1 each. Went shopping for school shoes again, and wasn't looking for anymore polish, but these colours jumped out at me and I just couldn't pass on them lol. I haven't had chance to swatch them yet, but when I do I will add the photos to this post :)

I'm loving the High Definition, they have a wicked shimmer, and somewhat a two toned colour effect.



  1. I have these and bought them at Poundland too. The green I call granny smiths. 2 for £1 is quite good, considering that they cost nearly £7 in Boots.

    1. I love a bargin, and Sally Hansen for that price can't be left x