Wednesday 30 September 2015

Charlies Nail Art Review

Sparkly Flower Nail Foil 

Well that last day of this month, I mean seriously where are the weeks going. I'm also not liking the dark mornings, I love waking up to the sun shining and birds singing, so with this in mind I thought I'd do a midweek post. The Nail Foil that I'm showing you today from Charlies Nail Art is the perfect way to remind me of Summer mornings.
It's a beautiful sparkling floral foil, number 85 for just 39p! 

For this foil I have used a nude polish as a base colour.

Then as normal with foil application I painted foil glue on my nails and waited for it to dry. With the foil cut into strips and working on one nail at a time I applied the foil.
This is before a topcoat, and you can see how well this foil transfers, and such a pretty floral design with an added touch of silver sparkle.

And when I applied topcoat you can clearly see it didn't crinkle or ruin the look of the foil in any way at all.

What a perfect way to say goodbye to Summer and hello Autumn with this foil. The colours are so pretty. Don't forget my 10 % discount code BNM10.

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Stay safe and much love....

30 Days of Colour Challenge

Swatchers Choice

Welcome and hello to this day 30! How quick has September gone by! For my own polish choice I have gone with the last Nails Inc that my daughter's got me. This one is called Optic Flame, and looks a red/coral in the bottle.

Swatched with 2 coats and no topcoat, and again the finish is amazing. Not sure if I'd call this a true red, but it's gorgeous all the same. Can't go wrong for 50p!!

I know I've said it before throughout this challenge,  but thank you all again for stopping by and leaving comments,  I reply to every one.
I've so enjoyed taking part and another thank to the Facebook group and Procrastinails for a great challenge.
Stay safe and much love...

Tuesday 29 September 2015

Born Pretty Store Polish

Chameleon Polish 

I wasn't planing on doing this post, but I suppose sometimes doing things that are not planned work out great! And this so goes for this Chameleon Polish from Born Pretty. I purchased this from a Chinese seller on ebay, along with some holographic polishes.  Now I regret not buying more of these chameleons. The one I liked the most is number 217, and the colour shift is from a turquoise green to blue to purple and is just lush...

You paint your nails with a black polish first, to get the full effect of the chameleon shift.

Now how stunning is this! One coat over black polish and it's fricking amazeballs ♡ I keep moving my hands to see the colour shift, and in the sun the sparkle is awesome. Off to stare at my nails again lol, stay safe and much love. ....

Lady Queen Review

Circle Neon Studs

Hi friends, I'm still not quite ready to let Summer go, so this mani and review from Lady Queen is bright and cheerful. I do love neon studs and these circle one are really pretty. 

How pretty are these colours, and I wanted to show them over white and black polish, so what better way than to do a two toned stripe mani. I painted my nails white first, then painted half black. I applied the neon studs along the centre line when I top coated my nails.

I love this mani, just the perfect amount of colour and super pretty. My 15 % Discount Code is KLLC15. If this code is used enough times Lady Queen will sponsor a blog giveaway :)

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Stay safe and much love....

30 Days of Colour Challenge

Favourite Colour 

This was so easy for me, the difficult part was choosing what blue to use. On opening my full blue polish helmer drawer, this one jumped out straight away.  Barry M Gelly Hi Shine called Blue Grape.

Found this a bit tricky to apply as the brush is a bit on the thin side for me, but still an absolutely stunning colour. 2 coats no topcoat.

Love, love, love everything about the colour and glossy finish. What's your favourite colour?
Join me tomorrow for the very last day in this 30 day challenge.
Stay safe and much love...

Monday 28 September 2015

Moyou Nails Review

Polish and Plates

Happy Monday to you all, for my Moyou Nails review today I have the most gorgeous pink polish called Shocking Pink. The stamping plate has 4 full nail images, and a single smaller image, number 87. I think I need to get my eyes tested, as yet again on first looking on this plate I was wondering why it had a UFO, but then realisation sunk in and it's actually a heart with wings lol.

The polish is right up my street, a proper bright and in your face neon pink. Swatched here with 2 coats and no topcoat. 

As this polish is super bright I wanted to see how well it would stamp over black polish, and also see how it looks over white.

As you can see it stamped over black although the colour was muted to a dusky pink. I admit not as bright over the white as I was expecting,  but still a super pretty colour. Again I double stamped some of the images, a great mix of flowers,  hearts and musical notes.
To get 20 % off any polish or plates, use my code below.

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Stay safe and much love....

30 Days of Colour Challenge

Colour of your Socks

Hey all again and welcome to a fun colour challenge...Socks! Mine are plain and boring lol as I'm forever in flip-flops, and only wear ankle socks with my trainers.

An easy colour to match with polish, and another from Nails Inc, carrying on from the polishes I was talking about in yesterday's post. This one is Optic Glow and is a very pretty and delicate pink.

Shown here with 2 coats and no topcoat,  was a breeze to apply and so girly.

Pink in my second favourite colour, and this is one is at the top of the list, I don't think I have another that comes close to how pretty this one is.
Stay safe and much love...

Sunday 27 September 2015

Mint London Polishes

Do they stamp?

Hi all and happy Sunday, I've been up early to watch the Japanese F1, hope your all well. I was asked on IG yesterday, following on from a photo I'd posted if the Mint London black polish swatch also stamped. Now I purchased a bundle of 24 Mint London polishes from eBay a while back. I haven't got round to swatching them as I've been busy with other challenges and reviews. 
So getting back to this post to see if they stamp. I sorted out 15 of the 24 that I wanted to test. The other polishes were glitter and a clear polish. I was seriously contemplating painting my nails to show the stamping, but not only would it have made this post extremely photo heavy, it would have taken me forever...15 times over white, and 15 times over black! My test therefore is on paper. 

Cirque Le Soir,  Atrium, Epic, Candy Club

Le Jardin, Havanna, Cat Walk Latte

Racks, Maserati, Legends, Coco Banana

Rebel Rebel, Elements, DogTown
 Stamped using my creative stamper on white paper...

Stamped using my creative stamper on black paper...

I was expecting some to show better over the black, but so happy they look awesome over white. I didn't buy them to stamp with, so happy I was asked and did this post. I will at some stage use them on my nails, but for now I hope you find this post helpful, because of the price of these polishes.
Enjoy the rest of the day and as always stay safe and much love....