Thursday 31 October 2013

Halloween Nails Again...

Glow in the Dark Halloween Nails

So I'm here again with my last Halloween nails for the day itself! This wasn't an easy decision for me to decide what to do on my nails for the 31st October, as I have done a few Halloween nails already this month. Last year I wasn't blogging and only did two designs for Halloween.

I also wanted something different too, although when you see the pics, its not an original nail art, just mixed up a bit.
I bought some googly craft eyes, and thought I'd try out the Glow In the Dark Polish I bought a while back. 

I painted my nails white first, then three coats of the polish to make it vibrant and bright. I used ten of the twelve colours so each nails is different. Rainbow Nails :)

Just awesome and bright, dried quickly between each coat, which was good with needing three coats. Some are cream finishes, and others have a nice shimmer and glitter in them. Then with black acrylic paint and a detailing brush I painted hair and a stitched mouth on each nail. I stuck the googly eyes on when I top coated each of the nails, and here's the finished result :)

As you can see from the photos the googly eyes do stick up on the nails, a lot more than rhinestones. I didn't top coat again, so as too how long they will stay on my nails I don't know. Unless I pick them off lol, as things like that bug me!!
Now let's see how well they glow in the dark! As the last time I tried when I first reviewed these, I could see some glow, but it was hard for my camera to pick it up. Since then I have a light I can use, so here's the photos.....A bit blurry, but you can see the glow :) wicked...

Hope you liked this post, Happy Halloween to you all, have a great night and stay safe.
Feel free to leave me a comment, I'd love to hear from you :) Till next time....

Saturday 26 October 2013

Saturday Nails

No clue what to do!

Hello again. As you can tell from above I had no idea of what to do on my nails today for my usual Saturday manicure. I have loads of designs to do, but all for certain times of the month, and then my Christmas Nails Challenge, to which I was disappointed on not getting much feedback on :(
I have one final Halloween design to do on the 31st, so today I wanted something different but as to what I had no clue...I thought I'd try an untried polish and see what came to mind when my nails where painted.

So with two coats of Outdoor Girl in Green Shimmer, a beautiful colour and not normally one I'd wear as I don't think it suits my skin tone. I still had no idea and I took it off!!
I bought Barry M Berry Cosmo the other day, so painted my nails with this beautiful deep berry polish.

Although this is an awesome colour, I'm not one to leave my nails plain. So I tipped the nails with Barry M Magenta Glitter. These two polishes go great together.

Still not really sure where I was going with this, and it was still too plain for me lol. So this is the final outcome. Pretty and I'm hoping it will grow on me...

Added some floral stickers. I do like it, and I think I'm somewhat not too sure as it something I wouldn't normally do on my nails. Not bad for having no idea when I started my nails lol. Well that's all for now, apart from saying that I'd really would like some more feedback on my Christmas Nails Challenge, and I'd be truly grateful if you could head over to that post just to see if its something you might be interested in. Thanks :)
Enjoy the rest of the weekend, and stay safe with this storm that's heading our way on Monday x


Friday 25 October 2013

Final Pink Friday

My last Pink Friday of October

Wow, I really can't believe we are almost at the end of another month!! I have enjoyed doing these Pink Friday Nails for Breast Cancer Awareness, and for my last one I saved the best till last. It's one of my favourite nail arts to do, Patchwork Nails :)
Using five different shades of pink from MUA £1 nail polish, in Strawberry Crush, Lush Lilac, Bright Pink, Natural Days and Shade 16.

I know Lush Lilac isn't exactly pink in colour, but it goes so well with the others I just had to use it!
I wanted to do a Patchwork nail design for the last Friday, as for me each different shade of Pink represents all women across the world.
So here's the finished design....

The sun came out just for these photo's :) I'm so happy with this. What do you think?
Enjoy the rest of your Friday, much love to you all :)

Wednesday 23 October 2013

Feedback wanted :)

12 Day's of Christmas Nail Art Challenge

Hello all you beautiful people :)  You haven't read the heading wrong lol, But with only about 8 weeks till the big day, I wanted to do a '12 Day's of Christmas Nail Art Challenge' and was wondering if anyone else wanted to join in with me. It will be a different Christmas inspired nail art every Monday, Thursday and Saturday throughout December, with the last four everyday leading up to Christmas Eve. I would love to do my nails again on the day itself, but its a total madhouse here, and I'd never find the time!
As I said I will be doing this challenge myself, and it would be nice if you wanted to join in :) I will do a post nearer the time with the actual nail designs, I just wanted some feedback for now. I will however quickly explain that the nail designs themselves can be stamping, water marble, water decals,  freehand or whatever you have time to do, just as long as it's within the theme of the day.

Would really like to hear your thoughts on this, feel free to comment, I reply to everyone :)

Hello again, so not as much feedback on this as I was hoping for. Looking at it again myself and with December possibly being one of the most busiest months of the year, maybe doing a different nail design three times a week is too much. so instead of '12 Day's of Christmas' I will be changing it to a 'Christmas Nails Challenge' with a different Christmas theme every Saturday and Wednesday. The first would start on the 30th November, and the last one would be on Christmas Eve. If this sounds more appropriate for you, please comment and let me know. Also anyone is still welcome to join in on any of the days, if it's still to much for you to do the whole challenge. I will be posting the design themes and dates nearer the end of November. Hope to hear from you all :) 


Saturday 19 October 2013

Halloween Nails

Monster High Inspired Nails

Oh my, what a day! Its felt like I've been doing my nails all day.. but saying that I have managed to do all the different designs I wanted to. I think I mentioned in a previous post I had lots to do. I will post pics at the end of this post :) But back to my normal Saturday nails. Now I have a thing about skull and crossbones lol, but wanted to do a cuter skull design, and the Monster High one was just perfect. 

Funnily enough I used this plate for last weeks nails. I used the cute skull in the middle for todays.
Painted my nails with Pretty Matte Black, stamped the skulls with white and filled them in with white polish, but the bows I did in my favourite Metallic Pink. In the gaps I did pink dots. I did an accent nail on my ring finger, just pink dots. Matte top coat as I wanted a duller effect for this design. What do you think?

Now for the other photos. Some more Halloween Inspired design and freehand nail art..

Posh Pumpkins.

Lady Ghosts.

Googly eyed Gelly Monsters.

All of these were done with Barry M polish. Would love to hear your thoughts on any of these :)
I'm off for a well earned cuppa now lol. Have an awesome weekend....

Nail Bling by W7

W7 Blue Diamond Nail Bling Review

So today I have a lovely treat for you all. It was sent to me to review by W7 from their range of Nail Bling box sets. They sent me my favourite colour to review. Blue Diamond. Inside each box you get a 15ml polish and two pots of sparkle, that match the colour of the polish. So in this one was a fine dark blue/purple  shimmery dust and a lighter blue dust with silver hexagon glitter. 

With Flash

With Flash

Without Flash
The polish is called Wild Blue. Was opaque with two coats, and an amazing colour on its own. Such a bright electric blue. 

Onto the glitter, I did alternate nails with the two pots of bling. I applied a third thin coat of the polish and sprinkle the glitter over. Clean up wasn't too bad, and I worked on one nail at a time. Here's the final result. Very bling indeed :)

The camera didn't do the bling aspect justice, so I took a short video...

My honest opinion of this product is 9 out of 10. The polish is a great colour, nice to apply and dried pretty quickly. I preferred the darker finer shimmer dust. The other glitter had a lovely shade of blue dust in it, but personally I felt the silver hexagon glitter spoiled the overall effect. This was sent to me for review, but you can purchase W7 Polish here.
Would love to hear your thoughts on this?