Saturday 4 May 2013

Easy Removal of Glitter Nail Polish

Easy Removal of Glitter Nail Polish :)

Now I'm not keen on Glitter nail polish, as its a real pain to remove, getting caught on the cotton pad, and going everywhere. So I avoided wearing it, until I found this awesome and easy way to take it off. The only extra item you need is aluminium foil.

I cut my cotton pads in half, then you just wrap them around you nail.

Then wrap the foil round and scrunch the top.

I do one hand at a time, I did once try doing both, but it was so difficult to do anything lol, my Husband said I looked like a Borg, from Star Trek!!

Leave for about 5 minutes. For the next bit I videoed it, so you could see just how easy and awesome this method of glitter polish removal is :)

I don't just use this method for removing glitter polish, I use it every week. So easy, saves on nail polish remover and cotton pads. I was so amazed that it worked the first time I tried it, I just wanted to share.


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