Wednesday 15 May 2013

Thread Nail Art

Thread Nail Art

Hello again :) I was sitting down yesterday, trying to think of something new to do as a nail art design. Something that as far as I'm aware no one has done before. Was harder than I thought lol. Then suddenly I remembered years ago when I used to do cross stitch, I still had some metallic thread that I won, and had never used. So that was my idea. Thread nail art. Painted four nails, two black, and two white. Cut different colours of metallic thread and tried random designs. 

Hardest cross stitch ever! But I love Tigers :)

Metallic thread.

Random designs.

The first two, after painting with top coat, I laid the cut pieces of thread at different angles. The second two, I wanted to see what bunching the thread together and dropping it on the nail looked like. Pretty pleased with the outcome, and most probably needs more practise lol, but still a nice idea. Let me know what you think :)
Have new polishes arriving soon to blog about :) so till then, have a great day xxx


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