Wednesday 1 May 2013

Cheeky Stamping Plates

Cheeky Stamping Plates

Today I'm going to review Cheeky Jumbo Stamping Plate A, and CH12. It's the only jumbo plate I bought from the 2012 collection, along with the 2012 set of 26 plates, from Amazon. Out of all the jumbo plates Cheeky had, jumbo plate A was the only one that had the most designs I liked. The puzzle design being the one I had been looking for, for ages. The set of 26 plates are all nice and have many different designs, from animal print, hearts, squiggles, dots to french tip designs. I'm reviewing plate CH 12, flower design as I saw a great idea with one of the flower patterns :)

The puzzle was stamped over Beauty UK Posh Polish Amethyst, which is super sparkly :) using MUA black polish. I'll review the other Posh Polish I have soon. As soon as I saw the flower pattern on CH 12, I knew exactly what I was going to do. Painted my nails with MUA All Nude, its like an off white colour, then stamped the pattern, again using MUA black (its great for stamping, just a shame they are not making that shade anymore) and filled in each flower using pastel acrylic paints. Might try this again and fill in the flowers with neon colours :) just right for the summer ( if we get one here in the UK lol) Cheeky have bought out a 2013 collection of Jumbo Plates, I like the Happy Holidays one :) Full of designs for all holidays, Christmas, New Year, Easter......


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