Tuesday 21 August 2018

Moyou Nails Fashion

XL Stamping Plate 

I'm struggling to write this post as I purchased a 360° phone case for my new phone. It was only cheap on eBay and I wanted better protection for my phone. Well it does it job in completely covering the entire phone, but is utter rubbish! It's so hard to type or do anything that I'm relying on predictive text lol. And the front case is so pixelated it makes everything look blurry!!
Anywho that's my rant over and onto today's review or Moyou Nails Fashion.
I have created a few manis using Casual 2 XL Stamping plate.
12 full nail images and 12 solid assorted french tip designs. I find a more firmer scraper works better with these plates, and a clear stamper to line up a double stamped look if your nails are long like mine.
So to the looks I created.
Sponged over acrylic paint for a rainbow gradient.
Simple monochrome houndstooth is so striking.
A pink base and stamped with white first...
Then double stamped the smaller diamonds in black, for a layered look.
Lastly a simple black and silver, using one of the solid french tip designs. Just goes to show you can stamp these anywhere on your nails!

These plates are so fun to play with and any questions please leave me a comment and I'll try my best to help. 
FacebookInstagram and Twitter are all the places you can check out Moyou Nails Fashion. And should you create a look with their plates post it on the Facebook Page.
Stay safe and much love.....


  1. Well the phone case may suck but your nails are fabulous! I just got a new phone and bought an awesome case. Then I bought a tempered glass plate and it was garbage.

  2. That phone case sounds so annoying haha! But, at least your nails look gorgeous! All of these looks are really well done!

  3. Gorgeous nail art. I especially like the one with the multicoloured plaid.

  4. You always do such a great job showing off the designs!

  5. Love these looks! These images look bigger than the previous plate I had!

    1. Not sure to be honest, but the images make it easier to double stamp x