Monday 27 August 2018

Vivien Kondor

Permeable Henna Polish 

Well, here I am with my final review and the last 10 polishes from the Vivien Kondor Permeable Henna Polish. I'll mention again, these polishes are 11ml, 7 free, cruelty free, vegan friendly and with Henna for extra nourishment and protection for natural nails, and come in a massive and fab selection of colours that are of great quality and highly pigmented.
Ok, I'm going to split this post into 2 and show you 5 swatches at a time, starting with the shades HA31 Pink Rose, HA32 Innocence, HA33 Lavender, HA34 Aladdin and HA35 Royal Blue.
Pink Rose is a delicate baby pink and even though is a lighter shade I had no problems with application. Again all swatches are 2 coats and no topcoat or base coat.
Innocence has a shell like pearly finish in a elegant neutral shade, again such high quality and no problems with application.
Now moving back to colours, Lavender reminds me of Parma Violet sweets! Such a pretty purple!
Hopefully Aladdin photographed properly for you to see a rich vibrant deep purple (and not blue!)
From the minute I received this collection, I couldn't wait to swatch this one! Royal Blue is just me! A rich looking shade with a shimmer finish and just amazeballs!!
And now to the final 5, HA36 Dream, HA37 Sky Blue, HA38 Aqua, HA39 Miraj and HA40 Savoy.
Dream is a shade that has a purple and blue feel. Not sure if you could class it as a cornflower blue, but it's very pretty.
Sky Blue is the baby blue from the collection.
Aqua is a stunning teal or turquoise.
Miraj is a deep green with blue undertones.
And last but not least Savoy, a rich deep green.
To sum up this collection, I would 100% say each bottle no matter what colour or finish, is extremely high quality and very pigmented. Some from this collection only needed 1 coat! I would definitely recommend to anyone who loves polish. Should you can an order over on the Vivien Kondor website, please don't forget to use my discount code below. With UK and international delivery why not treat yourself!
FacebookInstagram and Twitter are the best places to find and keep up to date Vivien Kondor. These polishes are £9.99 each.
I hope you've enjoyed my swatches over the past few weeks.
Stay safe and much love.....


  1. Dream is beautiful. Great job swatching this whole collection!!

    1. Thank you so much. They are stunning polishes ♡

  2. More beautiful shades! I love how delicate Pink Rose is.

  3. Gorgeous colors! They look like the apply like a dream.

  4. They all look like such nice cremes!

  5. Ohhh, I'm loving all of the colors in this post!! This brand does a really great job of covering a wide variety of colors, so I'm impressed!