Thursday 23 August 2018

Revel Nail

Wanderlust Revel Mates 

Hi guys, how's your week going? I have a new and working washing machine at last! The faulty one was collected at the same time, now piles of laundry to get through!
Continuing with the next shade of Dipping powder and matching polish from the Revel Nails 'Revel Mates Wanderlust Collection' 
Ciao is a very pretty and delicate purple shade.

Again I have swatched the polish on my swatching hand and the dipping powder on my cindy hand.
The polishes are so pigmented and glide across your nails, seems self levelling with a fast drying time, and the most beautiful creme finish.
The dipping powders still surprise me how they match so closely in shade, but looking at them you wouldn't think they would. My usual method of application.
Ciao is the perfect Spring/Summer pink purple shade that would compliment any skin tone and look awesome on your toes and fingers!
FacebookInstagram and Twitter is where you can also find Revel Nail. They have also released another limited edition Revel Mates set called Dia de la Revel. Be sure to check out the awesome colours in this set.
Stay safe and much love....