Wednesday 1 August 2018

Born Pretty Store

Cat Eye Magnetic Pigment

I can't believe I totally forgot about this cat eye magnetic pigment from Born Pretty Store. I had 2 different shades and did the other a few weeks ago. Then my Born Pretty parcels I was waiting on all got messed up, seemed lost then reappeared and got me all jumbled!
So better late than never, I'm here with the other shade. Chameleon Magnetic Powder item number 41811-2.
A green pigment with a blue to purple chameleon shift, that's super pretty. For application of this, I first burnished over a black base and tacky topcoat. Then mixed a small amount of pigment with some regular clear polish and painted 2 coats over my nails, I do it this way to add as much magnetic particals to my nails as I'm using regular polish. A final layer of topcoat (not water based) and working on one nail at a time, I held the magnet over the wet topcoat for about 15 seconds.

Just look at this colour shift!
A bit of a long way to achieve this effect, but the best way I've found for using these type of pigments with regular polish.
BABX31 is my Discount code that you can use over on the Born Pretty Store website.  And you can find and follow them over on
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Thanks so much for all your continued support and as always, stay safe and much love....


  1. It's so cool that there is magnetic pigment! The mani turned out fantastic.

  2. You are right! The color shift is amazing.

  3. Love the green and purple shift in this!

  4. Just wowwwww. Color shift is wonderful. Look so beautiful.

  5. Wow! This is gorgeous! I never saw magnetic pigment for sale before.

    1. I admit polish is easier but these are so fun x

  6. I haven't tried one of these powders but am a huge fan of the cat-eye look. I used to collect cat eye stones as a kid.