Friday 10 August 2018

Charlies Nail Art

Abstract Floral Nails

So another Friday and am I glad! Its been a bit hectic this week. Up, down, left, right and round and round! Yep one of those, but doing my nails relaxes me and helps a lot, even though I managed to injure my shoulder!
I'm sure you are also aware the Friday is my regular day for Charlies Nail Art reviews, and I have some fun, colourful Fushion Flower nail wraps.
Another new item that's been added to the website and only 89p. The thing I like about these water nail wraps, is as they are slightly thicker, I can gently stretch them to fit my nails without distorting the image. They are on a white base, so you don't really need a base colour on your nails. Adhered well with enough slide for perfect placement, and easy clean-up.

I added a holo topcoat.

So fun and colourful are these particular wraps, but there are plenty more other and new designs over on the Charlies Nail Art website.
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Stay safe and much love.....