Wednesday 21 February 2018

My Favourite Polishes Part 2

Perfect Holographic 

Well hello there! I'll get right into this post as it's a bit nostalgic for me. You see when I first starting painting my nails, my budget wasn't the best and I was seeing all these beautiful pictures on Facebook of holographic polishes! I really wanted to get some for myself, and went hunting on the web. I found some from a Bulgarian website that when currency converted only cost 88p a bottle! I watched swatch videos on YouTube and the holographic quality was amazing! My first ever blog post was about these holographic polishes from a brand called Perfect. I managed to get the full set of 8 colours, but now all these years on I don't think they are available anymore. 
Today I have picked my 4 favourite shades from the 8. I'll add the quick video I took all those years ago so you can see the beauty of these on my swatch wheel.
Sadly these have no names, just numbers. I tried my best to capture the true beauty of the holo when the sun made an appearance, but have taken pics in artificial light too.
So we start with H4, a stunning blue. Oh and I forgot to mention these are all once coater holos, but I did two coats plus a topcoat, and you don't get and dragging or streaking like some holo polish application can.

But how awesome does this look with a quick frying time too!
H3 is like a beige/pink and such a pretty neutral shade

H7 is a super lush purple and the holo goodness is just jaw dropping!

Lastly H8 the final colour from the whole collection and a truly stunning pink.

If you can find these anywhere, I'd really recommend you get them, especially if you just love all things holo.

I hope your enjoying the start of these type of posts and I'm looking forward to bringing you the next.
Stay safe and much love.....


  1. These are so pretty. I love holo polishes of all kind.

  2. H3 is really unusual. I can’t decide what color it is but I love it!

  3. These are all pretty but I really like H3.

  4. That's a great deal for ultra holos! I like the strong scattered holos that a lot of European brands have.

    1. It sure was, shame they are not easily available anymore though x