Friday 2 February 2018

Charlies Nail Art

Heart Nail Foil 

Hi guys, it's all go this weekend, my daughter's birthday today and on Sunday my grandaughter will be 3! How fast those years have gone. So we will be have a family day and dinner. 
But now we are in Feb, Valentine's mani's are all systems go... which brings me nicely to this strip of White Heart Nail Foil. This strip is only 39p and measures 13cm x 4cm.
I really like the added random white dots, they compliment the hearts so well. So taking inspiration from my pic (My daughter's birthday present before I wrapped it!) I painted my nails with Red Passion from Diego Dalla Palma. Applied a thin layer of foil glue, and had no problems with this foil sticking to my nails.
I used a water based polish first then my regular fast dry top coat.
Then I had a look I wanted to try, but not sure if it would look as nice on my nails as I pictured it in my head lol.
Starting out with a cream polish, I water down some dark brown acrylic paint and added some patches with a piece if makeup sponge. To create an oldy worldy look. I stamped some writing in brown polish, then added the white heart foil, and finally some roses for a touch if colour. I was imagining an old love letter nail art.

I like it but not sure if it looks like too much on my nails, but happy I tried just for my own curiosity. Plus to show you how some nail foils can be used in nail art looks.
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Have a great weekend, stay safe and much love.....