Friday 23 February 2018

Charlies Nail Art

Fairy Nails

Well here we are again, another week done and dusted, and another month almost over!!
But on a brighter note, yes for the warmer weather to come, and it can't come quick enough for me lol.
Today I have some Fairy Stickers from Charlies Nail Art, and they remind me of Tinkerbell. They cost just 99p and are in a black silhouette with silver detail. 
I like how you also get the shooting stars and other designs on this sheet and all in different sizes. I also thought they looked super pretty in the pink packaging, so I went for this as my base colour and used a shimmer topcoat for a touch of added sparkle.

A very girly look, and would be perfect for little nails fir a fairy/princess party. They adhere well even to my curved nails, and are pretty thin, as I'm one to pick at a sticker should it not stick properly! Protected with a layer of topcoat.
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