Monday 26 February 2018

Born Pretty Store

Petal Water Decals 

Hi all, hope everyone had a nice weekend. 
Nothing to say about mine, lol as it was rather boring! So much so that I contemplated sorting out my polish stash, but even that was too much ha ha.
So from my previous post on the pink petal water decals from Born Pretty Store, I'm here with the purple ones.
219 is exacty the same design just in a different pastel shade. So I basically did a similar base, starting of with white and sponging on a pastel lilac in random spots.

Such a super delicate Spring look, the blues and purples compliment so well.
Now also from my previous post I said I'd try both colours together. And what an amazing mani.
I wanted a different base than keep doing white, so my purple to pink gradient works so well. Such detail in each flower and floating petals, they are such beautiful decals.
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Stay safe and much love....