Monday, 5 February 2018

Born Pretty Store

Holographic Unicorn Pigment

Hello my lovely readers did you have a good weekend? Mine was full of birthday celebrations and my grandaughter was well and truly spoilt!
Following on from my last Born Pretty Store 
review I have another shade of Holo pigment in shade 5.
Yet another stunning looking pigment from this collection which as requested I tried over white polish. Now in person this had a beautiful delicate blue sheen which was so hard to capture!
I'm fully aware that over black polish pigments will show better, and of course I'm after the stunning transformation you get when it is applied over the darker polishes.

I don't like to keep repeating myself, but I applied this pigment over regular black polish and using tacky base then the Water Based Top Coat. In natural lighting this had a very pretty mud blue look, but under artificial light just look how strong the holo-ness is!
I have one more shade from this collection and can't wait to try it, so make sure you come back soon to see 😊 as per usual my discount code is below for you to use over on the Born Pretty Store website.
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Stay safe and much love....


  1. I’m starting to love these powders over light colors. They look gorgeous.

  2. I looooove blue polish...and holo? SOLD!

  3. I bet that was extra pretty over white in person. I hate when the camera won't pick up what we see!

    1. Oh it did! It really annoys me when cameras don't play nice lol