Saturday 20 August 2016

Vivien Kondor

Neon Collection 

I totally made the most of the few days of nice weather, and have the next collection of 9 polishes from Vivien Kondor to show you. Again a nice mixture of creme and shimmer finishes, and for a Neon Collection these certainly are something different. Priced at  £4.99 each for an 11.5ml bottle. I have swatched all of these over a white base, with 2 coats of colour and a topcoat.
Neon Blue is the first shimmer finish and a very pretty shade. Definitely a unique polish.
Neon Yellow is a creme polish, what I'd call a highlighter yellow, so bright and vibrant.
Neon Green is another creme and again so bright and pops over the white base.
Neon Orange is bright and the next shimmer, once on your nails just look how beautiful it is.
Neon Tangerine looks slightly pink in the bottle, but you can see what a pretty shimmer peachy colour it is.
Neon Pink is the last of the cremes, and is simply stunning.
Neon Magenta is super pretty, and the shimmer adds a special twist to the finish.
Neon Raspberry is truly lush! Looks very similar to the above polish, but is much more vibrant.
Neon Gold was the one I wasn't sure if from this collection, with a yellow/peach tone it really is super pretty.
Overall these Neon polishes would be a great set to have, or even if you only like a few. The cremes are fab, but I also love the bright colours with a shimmer. They all applied beautifully and dried to the touch pretty quick.
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Next up I will have the Holographic Collection.
Till then, stay safe and much love...


  1. I love the creme neons, they look super bright and glossy!

  2. Loving the green and the tangerine!

  3. Neon yellow and green are just so wow!!

  4. These look nice. I can't wait to see the holos!

  5. I think I prefer the straight cremes.

    1. They are awesome, I was unsure about the shimmer neons until I swatched them x

  6. Neon yellow is my favorite!!

  7. Neon Blue and Neon Gold are my favorites. Your swatches are incredible. <3

  8. These look so incredible, I am thoroughly impressed by this brand! Thank you for the review!