Thursday 18 August 2016

Vivien Kondor

Pink Rose Collection

Over the coming weeks I will be here showing you swatches of full polish collections from Vivien Kondor. There are 9 polishes in all the collections apart from The Water Permeable. First up is is the Pink Rose Collection, and if you love red and pink polishes then this collection is for you. 9 gorgeous shades with creme and shimmer finishes, priced at  £4.99 each.

Red Black a very sassy creme red that applied beautifully. I could have got away with just 1 coat, but did 2 plus a topcoat.
Shiny Maroon is another lovely colour with a slight shimmer finish. Again this polish could be a 1 coater. Swatched here with 2 plus topcoat.
Beachwood Red is an absolutely sexy red! The finish is amazing. And again easy a 1 coater, swatched here with 2 plus topcoat.
Blood Red is a true in your face vibrant bright creme shade. I'm loving the quality of these polishes. Another 1 coater, but I swatched with 2 and topcoat.
Maroon is the last of the red in this collection, another beautiful shimmer and shade. Yes you guessed it, easy a 1 coater. Swatched with 2 coats and topcoat.
Crimson has a beautiful blue/purple shift in certain lighting and is a utterly stunning colour. Swatched as above.
Orchid Pink is a delicate light pink with a shimmer finish, almost a metallic look.
Shiny Baby Pink is another shimmer, and super elegant colour.
 Rose Pink is the brightest of the pinks,  leaning towards a neon. But an awesome colour and finish.
These polishes are worth every penny. The colours, different finishes and application is simply beautiful. I love the square bottle and the lid is shaped for easy grip to open and painting your nails.
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As always stay safe and much love....