Sunday 21 August 2016

VB Line Gel Polishes

Swatches and Review 

I will say hello, but get right into this post for VB Line gel polishes. Today I have 15 gels all with different finishes, I was going to split this into 2 separate posts, but as I'm swatching so many I need to catch up on myself! 
344 Plum Blue Purple a very pretty colour. Creme finish and super glossy even before topcoat. 
494 Plum Purple Shiny another creme finish and a lush shade.
574 Light Pink Rose Pastel is a very delicate creme.
388 Line Green Metallic is sheer gel, but a lovely light colour.
343 Blue Plum Purple looks more of a dusky purple, but a super creme gel.
560 Hot Green Super Summer is such a vibrant shade, perfect for Summer.
445 Pink Rose is the perfect name for this shade, as it is so pretty.
551 Coral Red Nude Pastel is a beautiful more neutral shade.
349 Red Pink Glitter is a lush and bright gel, more of a shimmer than glitter.
297 Dark Green Metallic is a completely awesome colour, and for someone who doesn't normally wear green polish, I love it!
301 Light Brown, is more of a light toffee colour, but a great neutral base.
315 Light Plum Purple is a very pretty shade, reminds me of grapes!
319 Plum Purple to me is more of a wine red colour, and very sassy.
356 Light Green, more of a mid green shade than light.
543 Beige Nude Pastel is my favourite of the neutral shades, very delicate.
These polishes are great to apply and quality, and cure to a very beautiful and glossy finish. Use my discount code below to receive 25% from your order on either or
Thank you so much for stopping by, and as always stay safe and much love...

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