Thursday 25 August 2016

VB Line Gel

Swatches and Review

How you all doing? I'm super busy here with reviews, loving the few days of decent hot weather here and looking after 5 kittens who are now 5 weeks old! So well and truly being kept on my toes..
I have another 10 gel polishes from VB Line, but I'll start this review with my 25% discount code that you can use on either or
So into the swatches. All with 2 coats and topcoat, curing in between each coat.
599 Dark Blue Shiny Metallic. Oh my this shade is utterly amazing. The right amount of shimmer and perfect in every way.
582 Purple Rose Mirror Glitter is a very pretty and delicate shade, the glitters are perfectly distributed for even coverage.
664 Light Peach Pink Pastel is an awesome neutral creme.
588 Light Rose Mirror Glitter is super special, so elegant with silver glitters.
578 White Pearl Gold Glitter is another beautiful shimmer shade, so unique and bling.
994 Neon Super Blue...Wowzers! This is one vibrant colour and completely and utterly me.
808 Super Neon Pink Rose is again a super bright shade and another of my fav colours.
696 Shiny Yellow Sun is more transparent than the previous 2 neons, but still a pretty colour.
810 Super Neon Hot Orange... back to the in your face shades! Absolutely loving how bright this Orange is.
922 Purple Pearl Metallic is a lovely pinky purple colour. The shimmer is simply beautiful.
As you can see the amazing range of finishes and colours you can purchase from VB Line. All great quality and I love how the colour of each gel is at the top of the lid, to make choosing a colour easier. Though with the amount to choose from it could also be difficult!!
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Stay safe and much love...