Saturday 13 August 2016

The Manicure Company

Swatches and Review 

Hello all again, I was sent 6 gel polishes to review from The Manicure Company. They are based in Ireland and the polishes were packaged extremely well. In a cute gift bag and each gel is individually boxed.
As well as the 3 coloured gels I also received a base coat, no wipe topcoat and a matte topcoat
First up is a gorgeous pink called Booty Call.
An absolutely stunning colour that's a purply pink with a slight shimmer. It was a breeze to apply and I've swatched with both matte and glossy finish.

I like both finishes but I think the matte makes this colour even more special.
Tealing Lies as the name suggests is a very pretty teal and a creme gel. Again really nice to apply and both matte and glossy finish. 

This shade leans more to a blue teal than green, and is really lovely. This matte top coat does make these gels look so nice, and the no wipe topcoat leaves an amazing glossy finish. 
Big Flirt is a very elegant and delicate nude colour. Swatched as above with a matte top coat and glossy. 

This shade would make a great addition to anyone's gel polish collection. A great base to add some extra nail art too.
Overall I have enjoyed reviewing these gels, they are very great quality and low to no odour. Curing time was super quick, just 30 seconds with my LED UV Lamp. 
See here for all delivery details, and you can find and follow The Manicure Company over on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.
Be sure to check them out as they have a great selection of gel colours.
Stay safe and much love...


  1. Beautiful swatches. I love them satin.

  2. I like the bottles and packaging, the teal is beautiful!

  3. Beautiful swatches! I really love the pink.

  4. 30 second cures are my favorite lol! I love these matte!

  5. I have been wanting a gel matte for awhile now. How did you feel about application? Did you get any white spots? Was the matte effect better than a regular matte polish?

    1. It felt smooth but not as smooth a matte nail polish. No white spots and more of a satin matte finish. Still very pretty x

  6. Love your swatches. The shades look so gorgeous in that satin/matte finish.