Tuesday 2 August 2016

VB Line Gel Polishes

Swatches and Review

Hi guys, here I am again with my next lot of swatches for VB Line, Im still waiting for delivery of my new phone and once it arrives I have so many pictures (luckily still on my memory card) to post to my Instagram!! Sadly though I think I have lost my videos of these gel polishes in action. Anyway lets get on with this post. I have another 5 colours to share with you all, again with different finishes.

006 Shiny Orange, is a dusky shade, and although I like it and its a pretty colour, sadly I think it sort of clashes with my skin tone. Swatched with 2 coats and topcoat, curing in between each layer. The glossy finish is stunning.

481 Burgundy Plum, is like a gelly type gel and I did apply 3 thin coats curing in between,  but such an amazing glossy polish in a beautiful shade.

415 Dark Grey Glitter has a dark gelly base and packed full os different size silver glitters. I wasn't expecting to like this polish as much, but once I applied it, it look lush.

416 Shiny Light Yellow, such a delicate pastel yellow, this also took 3 thin layers so my nail line wasn't visible.

039 Scarlet Hot Red, not so much a 'hot red' but still a nice colour that does lean toward red more than orange.

I will try and retrieve my videos for IG as these, especially the Dark Silver Glitter look absolutely gorgeous in action. These gels have all be a dream to apply, and such an amazing selection of colours and finishes.
You can find and follow VB Line on FacebookTwitter and Instagram, and I will have another 5 gel polishes to share very soon.
Stay safe and much love....


  1. I am in love with that shade of orange!

  2. I adore Shiny Orange- it's so my colour!

  3. Shiny Orange would be the one I pick out of these, too!

  4. You swatches are always so pretty. <3 I really love the yellow on you.

  5. Oh Shiny Light Yellow is my favorite!

  6. I'm so drawn into that orange on you, it's stunning!

  7. The dark grey glitter is my favorite. The glitter in gel polish is just amazing, so much different than regular polish and glitter.

    1. Thank you. It sure is, can't wait to share the others I have x

    2. Thank you. It sure is, can't wait to share the others I have x

    3. Thank you. It sure is, can't wait to share the others I have x