Wednesday 31 August 2016

VB Line Gel Polishes

Swatches and Review 

Hello, hello :) I'm really loving gel polishes at the moment. The ease, fast and completely dry I'm no time. The different range of gels that VB Line sell is amazing, definitely something for everyone. UV and LED curable soak off shellac gels. 
I met Michael from VB Line on the weekend, and was brought some new gels to swatch, but that's for my next post! I have today another 15 to share with you today. 
834 Transparent Brown Glitter.
917 Plum Purple Metallic.
842 Dark Grey Silver Glitter.
829 White Silver Pearl Glitter.
1017 Shiny Red Vermilion.
813 Super Dark Black.
886 Summer Yellow.
719 Shiny Rose Pink.
665 Light Rose Pink Pastel.
793 Hot Red Scarlet.
801 Light Grey White Pastel.
814 Super Red Incarnadine.
975 Snow Super White.
951 Pale Pink Shiny Rose.
666 Pastel Rose Light Pink.
As you can see a great mix of glitter, shimmer and creme finishes and pretty colours too. These gels are great to apply and quality with low to no odour. Definitely check out either or if you love gel polish, and use my code below to get 25% discount off your order.


  1. So many gorgeous shades! I like the Pale Pink Shiny Rose myself.

    1. Good choice :) They all look stunning once painted on nails x

  2. Love these colors! I can't imagine the patience needed to swatch gels.

    1. Thank you, peel off base does make things quicker x

  3. Such a great variety of finishes!

  4. I'm generally not a purple person, but I love that plum metallic!

    1. Watching these gels I've now grown to appreciate all colours x

  5. There are so many pretty colors here!

  6. I love the Dark Grey Silver polish. Fun pairing of colors.