Friday 26 August 2016

Charlies Nail Art

3D Nail Art

Who doesn't love a nice yummy iced donut?
My favourite icing has to be chocolate. I do really like freshly cooked donuts from the seafront too! That's enough day dreaming lol, back to this review. 
I have a pack of 2 3D Donut decals from Charlies Nail Art , that are only 29p and look so tasty. 
The detail of these decals is super, right down to the sugar sprinkle decoration. Which inspired me to paint my nails the same way, using the donut as an accent nail.

So fun and perfect for a day at the beach or a picnic. Feel free to use my discount code below to receive 15% off your order on Charlies Nail Art website. 
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As always stay safe and much love....


  1. This is the cutest manicure ever!!

  2. How cute!! I'm so envious of you ladies with lovely long nails that can use such cute decor pieces.

  3. Super cute, I love the dotticure look!

  4. Love how you matched the doughnut! So cute!!