Monday 1 August 2016

Angel Nail Studio

Arrow Nail Vinyls 

Well now this feels so weird! I'm writing this post on my pc, which I haven't done for ages! I've been doing everything on my phone and BAM yesterday evening is decided enough is enough and totally stopped working :(  I almost cried as I've lost quite a bit of stuff, but luckily my photos were on my memory card...phew... 
My review for Angel Nail Studio is on a different style of nail vinyl, but still very effective looking. These Arrow vinyls can be used in so many different ways on your nails.

I had an orange gel polish on my nails already and used 2 of these vinyls, sticking them diagonally across my nails and also a so the arrows were in a different direction.

Sponged over with black polish and removed the vinyls carefully. Cleaned up and top coated.

Although I like the glossy finish, there is something about a matte finished that just tops a mani and in my opinion makes it look so much better.

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As always, stay safe and much love...


  1. I like these vinyls and the matte finish is my favorite for this look!

  2. These are fun! You could do so many different things with these...definitely a baseball mani for sure!

  3. these would make a good baseball manicure!

  4. These remind me of a baseball for sure.

  5. Would make a great baseball mani!

  6. I cannot imagine doing this from a phone! I have to use my mac for my postings....

    I love that these look like baseballs! It's really popular around here so I'm going to have to try it!

    1. I got so used to using my phone as only having 1 pc and waiting to use it. Thank you x

  7. I like this look, very Halloween-y

  8. So cute, I've never seen vinyls like that before!

  9. So cool! I love vinyls so much, so many options. I love love love your matte version!

  10. These are great! The matte version is my favourite!!

  11. Beautiful mani! You can tell this vinyl it's worth getting!