Monday 15 August 2016

Angel Nail Studio

Half Sunray Vinyls 

Hello hello and I'm here with my final vinyl review for Angel Nail Studio. I have another set of gorgeous vinyls and another sunray design, but this time they are Half Rays.

 As my nails are long, I had to find a different way to use these, plus I wanted to create a stunning final mani. So with a beautiful pink base I applied these vinyls at an angle on each nail and sponges over black polish. I really love the final look, which I photographed with a glossy and matte finish. Which do you prefer?

I have really enjoyed using these vinyl and have grown to really love using them. If you too love Vinyls be sure to use my discount code below 

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Stay safe and much love...


  1. I love both, but the matte version pulls my eye a bit more!

  2. I love vinyls too! These remind of fancy folded fans.

  3. Dude!! That pink is amazing, then you matted it and it got even more amazing!!

  4. Love it matte! And I love how you found a different way to use the vinyls. It looks cool!

  5. This design is gorgeous! I love vinyls, so I have to add these to my nail art assortment!

  6. So unique. I find it difficult to get unique stencils so I really like this.

    1. You should check out Angel Nail Studio x

  7. Gorgeous mani. This is a very unique and pretty vinyl design!

  8. This is a pretty design. I loved the matte version.

  9. That's a really neat effect, I love how they look matte!